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Nail Tech Talk: Lucy Ames of By Lucy Alana

By Callie Iley | 14 May 2022 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Lucy Ames of By Lucy Alana about balancing a full-time job with tekking, and the sense of community that the nail industry offers…

“My favourite products to use has got to be The GelBottle’s Builder in a Bottle or Glossify’s Naturabuild,” Lucy enthuses. “They’re both absolute game changers for enhancing your natural nails!

“My favourite design to create is a French nail. I’m a sucker for it, I think it’s such a simple yet versatile design that can be changed in so many ways.”

“Working full time alongside nails can be pretty hectic,” she shares. “I try to post and engage on socials before I start work – this for me is the best time. I like to keep my focus on my clients, as they are ultimately the reason I’m so busy. I finish work at 4. From 4.30 onwards, I will be mobile with two or three clients.

“People think I’m crazy for being mobile, but I love being able to make my clients relax in their own home.”

“I love that the nail industry has a real sense of community.

Having qualified just before the first lockdown, social media really changed it all for me,” Lucy reveals. “I’ve made so many lifelong friends and had some amazing opportunities with some amazing brands.”

“As a nail tech, it’s so important to remember not to put too much pressure on yourself, and stop comparing your work to others.”

“I would love to go full-time and have my own salon space in the future,” she smiles. “I’d also love to branch off into education.

“In terms of the future of the industry, I would love to see more brands being more inclusive with the work they share. It really does make your day when you get that story reshare or grid post!”

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