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NAIL TECH TALK: Lucy Greenman of Nails by Lucy Greenman

By Callie Iley | 15 January 2022 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Lucy Greenman of Nails by Lucy Greenman about the importance of hard work and her future career goals…

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Everything about nails has me hooked! I think my favourite thing about nails is how much personality these tiny designs can hold. There’s nothing better than a client telling you how much they love their new set!

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All my clients know by now not to expect too much when it comes to my own nails. With trying to keep up with new Instagram trends, I often find myself with two completely different designs on either hand, which is an interesting look! Although, I do love testing my skills and using my non-dominant hand to do nail art – it’s always a challenge.

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I love a good flame nail design. Since starting in nails last year, flames have always been a solid go to for me and my clients. I’ve recently just become a brand ambassador for Nails By…, their gel polishes are unreal. If you haven’t tried them, you’re missing out!

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When I first started last year, I was using Instagram as my main source of inspiration. I’d always recommend this to keep up with current trends, however, from a young age, my passion has always been art. I absolutely love to recreate and source inspiration from artists who use other types of media. I recently recreated Sophie Tea‘s iconic bodies on a tiny 1-inch nail, and it reached 40,000 accounts including Sophie herself!

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Being self-employed means you really have to push yourself to the absolute max to see any kind of result. Practice and consistency is key. Nobody else can do this for you except for yourself, push yourself out of your comfort zone always!

“If you’re not putting in the same amount of love into your work, you won’t get the outcome you’re looking for.”

I only started nails full time in April 2021 and I’m still just loving the simplicity of painting my client’s nails. As much as I have a passion for art, I also love fashion. It would be a huge dream of mine to work with models and celebrities for fashion events and music videos.

lucy greenman black and white swirl nails

An average day in my nail life would be checking up Instagram for anything new I want to recreate and pull inspiration from for my clients. A lot of them rely on me for the design and often come to the salon giving me full control. I normally work 4 days a week and paint nails for 11 hours each day in the salon. I also create content, edit photos, design and sell press ons, message clients and email brands and influencers somewhere in my day too. Once everything has been done, I am off home to sleep and do it all over again the next day!


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