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Nail Tech Talk: Meet Lucy Price, Scratch Stars Natural Nail Specialist of the Year 2023

By Callie Iley | 26 August 2023 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Get to know Scratch Stars Natural Nail Specialist of the Year 2023, Lucy Price of Lucy Rose Nails, as she shares insight into her career journey & reveals details from the night of the Scratch Stars Awards 2023…

Initially training in manicure, pedicure and gel colour treatments at 16 after she finished school, Lucy remembers spending half terms and summer holidays performing natural nail treatments alongside studying for her A Levels and working in her mum’s salon, NAILSPA, as a Saturday girl, loving the salon environment.

Unsure of what she wanted to study at degree level, Lucy made the decision to take a gap year, training in a range of beauty and advanced nail services. As of 2023, Lucy is based at NAILSPA in Huddersfield and has achieved her level 2 and 3 beauty qualifications, level 3 qualifications in nails, level 4 qualifications in salon management and has completed a teaching diploma, using her knowledge to teach nail services at college and educating for OPI.

“I pride myself in being a nail technician, as I enjoy the technical side of all services,” Lucy shares. “I offer a range of nail services to cater for every client, including natural nail manicures, gel manicures, builder gel, hard gel, L&P acrylic, dip powders, silk wraps, and fibreglass, all with optional luxury upgrades. I also offer massage, therapeutic and advanced skincare, waxing services and lash lifts.

“I love to use products from OPI for my nail services – its gel colour and manicure range bring clients to the salon. My clients get long lasting wear, a wide choice of colour and professional manicure products all in one place. I use Katie Barnes Tool Range for all of my prep.”

“Natural nails are the foundation of all services, even if you’re creating enhancements. The natural nail is the canvas, and for me it’s fundamental to ensure the health of natural nails while providing professional and safe treatments.”

“My favourite nails to create are ‘your nails but better’ – whether it’s a sheer nude which compliments your skin tone or a French manicure with immaculate cuticles and rejuvenated skin. For a French manicure, my signature look is created using OPI Gel Color in Put It In Neutral and Alpine Snow to create a micro French tip using the Lecenté S1 Brush.

“My most popular sets are variations of French manicures, ranging from a simple micro-French to a tortoiseshell French tip,” she reveals. “While I do generally do more minimal nails, I do also have clients who come for design sets.”

“There are so many people in the nail industry who inspire me. My mum, Belinda Price, has always inspired me in my career – her incredibly high standards for all aspects of the industry are inspirational. Metta Francis, whom I met last year at Scratch Stars inspires me, her passion for natural nails and safety in industry is amazing.

“Katie Barnes is too another inspiration for me. When I first started out competing, I often spotted Katie, with measuring implements in hand, creating first place sets,” Lucy smiles. “Many of my clients bring me inspiration for their nails, and I often find myself saving nail inspiration that I’ve found on Instagram.”

Lucy attributes her success in her business and career to her endless hours of practise and education, noting that she’s always striving for improvement. “I’m so content with how much I’ve achieved this last year. I hope to compete more, create even more luxury bridal sets, complete lots more training to upskill myself, and to deliver more training too,” she says.

“I hope that the industry continues to be a positive place to grow, and to push for high standards. I would also love to do more networking in the future. I love that the nail industry keeps you always learning – the industry is always growing, evolving and changing, and every day is different.”

Having been a finalist in 2022, Lucy approached the Scratch Stars Awards 2023 feeling significantly more prepared. “I entered the Scratch Star Awards to challenge myself,” Lucy explains. “Not only does it challenge you practically, but it makes you reflect on all aspects of your business, including how you market yourself, what your niche is, and where you can improve. Finding out I was a finalist was very exciting news, and I looked forward to implementing everything I had learned from previously being a finalist.

“I learned so much from the experience of being a finalist in 2022. I felt much more prepared and relaxed competing in 2023 as I knew how the process worked. However, I was still nervous for each stage, especially the consultation – I had an issue with my consultation form in 2022, which completely knocked my confidence.”

“I felt like I had done much better on the competition day, but I was so shocked when my name was called as the winner. I was sat watching the other categories being announced thinking, ‘what would I say if I did win?’. It was amazing to reconnect with nail techs scattered around the UK, put some faces to Instagram accounts, and see the other finalists. The venue was fabulous and it’s always great to have a dance with friends!

“When my name was announced, it was amazing, scary and shocking all at once. I was so excited to win – it was truly an honour,” she beams. “I’m keeping my trophy in the salon, on the ever-growing trophy shelf.”

“The salon has been incredibly busy since winning my award, and it’s given me the confidence to think about what’s next. My clients were so supportive and excited when they found out I’d won!” Lucy adds. “I think competitions are one of the best opportunities for techs to reflect on their business, implement improvements, build confidence, and meet talented likeminded techs. It’s an opportunity for growth on so many levels.

“One of the most valuable things I have taken away from Scratch Stars is the networking experience and collaboration from other nail techs. What an amazing industry we are! The Scratch Stars Awards is one of the most important events in the nail industry calendar.”


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