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Nail Tech Talk: Megan Freeman of Corner 21

By Callie Iley | 20 May 2023 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Transforming her lifelong love for nails into a blossoming career, Megan Freeman, shares her earliest memories of visits to the salon and her hopes for the future of Corner 21

Accompanying her mother to salons as a child, Megan remembers sitting and watching in awe, and can still recall the first time she was allowed to have her nails painted too. “I went for a dark plum colour to match my mum, and it’s still our favourite, go-to shade,” Megan beams.

“When I was old enough to have my own nail varnish collection, I used to sneak them into school to paint my friends’ nails. They all used to line up and I would use my Rio nail art pens to give them all zebra print nails.”

“Being a nail tech is an incredible career. I get to be creative every day, make new friends from all walks of life, be a shoulder to cry on and be a reason why someone smiled. It’s a beautiful community of badass beauty business owners,” she smiles.

“I admire lots of techs in the industry all for different reasons. I really admire techs who share tips and tricks, it’s so lovely seeing techs wanting to help others build successful businesses. I also admire the techs that are always travelling to big events and jet-setting to shoots, as that’s the level I dream of getting to!”

“I was told countless times that being a nail technician wasn’t a ‘proper career’, so I decided to prove them all wrong.”

Megan’s clients arrive at appointments armed with an array of nail art designs, spotted on Instagram and Pinterest. She loves adding her own unique twists on the styles to create an individual look for each client.

“One of my clients brings me a mood board of patterns and colours that she wants, which are always wacky and wonderful. You can spot her nails on my socials very easily!”

“There’s no typical client for me. I have clients of all ages and genders,” she shares. “The only thing all of my clients have in common is that they are all hard working, wonderful human beings.

“I look forward to seeing all of them. The best thing about not having a typical client means that no two appointments are ever the same, which makes it all the more exciting.”

“My personality would be a shade of blue. I like to think I’m a wave of calm, friendly, bubbly fun, and I’m caring, reliable and compassionate. If you’re crying, don’t worry, because I’ll be crying, too!” Megan laughs.

“Being interviewed for Scratch’s Nail Tech Talk series is most definitely my career highlight so far. I don’t have a huge following on socials, so the fact I have been noticed has me grinning from ear to ear!”

Having always loved the idea of travelling, Megan hopes that her future in the industry will take her on a journey across the UK and beyond.

“I really hope that in the future, I’ll get to go to events and photoshoots in different locations in the UK, or even around the world. Travelling the world while doing something you love sounds like an absolute dream come true to me.”

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