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Nail Tech Talk: Millie Copsey of NailSpace

By Callie Iley | 08 October 2023 | Feature, Tech Talk

Nail Tech Talk Millie Copsey Of Nailspace

A lover of abstract styles, mix-and-match designs, and monochrome aesthetics, Millie Copsey discovered her passion for nail art during the lockdown, using her creative skills from her background in graphic design to carve out a career in nails.

Millie Copsey

Having been a creative individual for as long as she can remember, Millie Copsey pursued both art and graphic design at school, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in graphic design before moving into the world of freelance. “I loved the combination of physical and digital art that graphic design offers,” she shares.

“Both of my grandad’s were amazing painters and it definitely had an influence on my family. I’ve always loved art, and remember scrapbooking and drawing with my mum and sister when we were little.”

“I became fascinated with nail art after lockdown hit, which encouraged me to book onto a nail course in my hometown, where I learnt the basic skills and techniques. It really confirmed to me that I’d made the right move, and I was practising on everyone who I could persuade to let me as as soon as I received my qualification – even my dad spent a few evenings letting me borrow his hand,” Millie laughs.

“I think having a creative background in art and design really helped me, as I already had the basic nail art skills and just needed to perfect them some more. I could also see a bit of a gap in the market where I live for nail art so the timing was great.”

Loving abstract style nail art, mix-and-match looks and monochrome, Millie’s clients often come prepared with nail designs for her to recreate at appointments. “I love that my clients usually know what they want and trust me to recreate it, but I also enjoy when they ask me to choose a design myself! I always have lots of inspo saved for when this happens.

“I take inspiration mainly from Instagram, there are so many incredible artists on there creating beautiful sets. Pinterest is also a firm favourite, and sometimes me and my clients will combine a few designs that we have seen to create a new look.”

“I have fallen in love with the nail industry and its community online, people are so friendly and supportive and you really do make friends you’ve never met.

“My clients have to be the best part of the job though, it’s crazy how you can only see someone every three weeks but get on so well and feel so comfortable around them. I try to create this atmosphere for all of my clients as I think it’s so important to not only love your nails but feel happy and relaxed at your appointment too.”

“Moving forward I would like to continue working with my amazing clients, meeting more lovely people and creating beautiful sets! I would love to grow my social media as I think this is such a valuable tool in our industry.

“I think the key is being consistent, which is something I’m trying to remember to do, as keeping on top of social media can be a job in itself.”

“If I had to give one piece of advice, I think it would be to have confidence in yourself. I was so nervous to start this career for so many reasons, but I think a big one is that you are inviting strangers to your salon or home and asking them to trust your work.

“Just believe in yourself, as everyone starts somewhere and has been in your position once. I’m still learning and growing but I have already come so far since 2021.”

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