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Nail Tech Talk: Monica Malfa of The Cosmic Nails Club

By Callie Iley | 17 March 2024 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Discover the personal significance behind Monica Malfa’s choice of The Cosmic Nails Club as the name for her beauty business, as she reveals her next steps in the nail industry…

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Monica Malfa

With a background in marketing spanning nine years, Monica Malfa was head of department at a trade-exclusive printing company when she gave birth to her daughter. “The moment I embraced motherhood, my priorities underwent a profound transformation. This shift in focus reignited my passion for art and inspired me to establish The Cosmic Nails Club.

“During my maternity leave, I trained and qualified with Bio Sculpture, diving into the world of nails. I work from the comfort of my cosy cottage and pour my heart into every manicure,” she smiles. “I’m planning on renovating an old retro caravan to transform into my own nail salon and art studio in the future.

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“I’m looking forward to setting up a warm, rustic and welcoming salon space for my clients following the renovation of the caravan. Working from my living room is convenient, but it can be tricky to work around my partner and daughter,” Monica continues.

“I’d like to continue building my client base, and I’m looking forward to entering industry awards in the future. I’d love to build an educational platform later in my career to help combat misinformation in the industry, but I need to spend more time learning before I delve into this.”

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Monica offers luxury manicures and nail art services at The Cosmic Nails Club. “My signature nail style is abstract, which is what I enjoy creating the most, using blooming gel. I also paint intricate and detailed designs, and look forward to being challenged with what I create.

“The name of my business is inspired by my daughter,” Monica reveals. “Her name is Luna, which means Moon in Italian. Both my parents are Sicilian, so this has a special meaning for me. I also wanted the name of my business to reflect there being no limits in both creativity and quality when it comes to my work.

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“I follow so many amazing and talented nail techs and nail artists, so I’m always inspired by the nail work I see,” she notes. “I also source inspiration from painters, illustrators, nature and anywhere else I can find it, like gift wrapping paper I find in a shop, a vase or a pattern on a curtain.

“There’s so much variety in nails when it comes to styles, designs and products. Nails can be totally bespoke and unique to reflect an individual, mood or special occasion, and I love how a fresh set of nails brings people so much joy.”

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