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NAIL TECH TALK: Natalia Hudson of The Secret Garden Quorn

By Callie Iley | 11 December 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Natalia Hudson of The Secret Garden Quorn about how nails has helped her mental health and her daughter’s impact on her career…

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There is so much that I absolutely adore about nails. When you take a clients hand, the magic begins – not only to give them nails that they are so proud of, but also to listen to their hopes, dreams and successes, and even to be a sounding board for life’s little niggles. My tag line is ‘come, chat, relax and leave feeling a little more glamorous’.

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When it comes to my style, for me it’s all about simplistic, natural nails, achieved by exclusively using The Gel Bottle and Navy Professional Tools. I like to really zoom in for my photos to highlight the huge attention to detail that I apply when doing my prep work, and it’s what my clients love.

I also find it important to give great aftercare advice, like reminding clients to use their washing up gloves and cuticle oil pen, throughout the appointment.

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My daughter Lexi is my biggest drive behind setting up my nail business, which has enabled me to not only work from home and be close by should she need me, but also to be involved in a profession which brightens my life on a daily basis. My little girl is my absolute, all-time, number one hero. Being diagnosed before birth with a lifelong heart condition, she has already had 2 open heart, lifesaving operations. Despite these set backs, she is the funniest, friendliest, little ball of energy you’ve ever met.

To me, with all the anxiety and unimaginable stress of the past few years, I really needed something to restore my own energy levels, something therapeutic and creative. Nails offered that to me.

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I find great inspiration from the nail community themselves, their friendly comments and likes on my work, their freely given advice and the whole supportive attitude makes it such a kind, caring and welcoming industry to be involved in – everyone is so lovely! I can’t imagine not doing nails now, I am so passionate about them and the positivity that the business brings.

I try to give back to my clients the overwhelming happiness that nails has brought back into my life. I can’t wait for the future now as I feel that this is just the beginning!

“Doing nails for my clients and feeling the love of such a caring industry has recharged me, restored my drive and renewed my happiness and positivity.”

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My future, as I see it, involves upping my hours when my daughter starts school, upping my skill set by working really hard to further improve my technique and keeping up to date with industry improvements through professional publications such as Scratch.

I would eventually like to work towards establishing an apprenticeship for the nails techs of the future, to show them what an amazing industry this is to be a part of.

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