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NAIL TECH TALK: Nataszija Moore of July Ninety Six

By Callie Iley | 25 September 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Nataszija Moore of July Ninety Six about her love for bold nail art and her experience working at Nails By Ya Gal studio…

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Believe it or not, just over two years ago I wasn’t into nails or beauty at all. But after realising my university’s PR and Marketing course wasn’t something I saw myself doing in the future, I stopped biting my nails and took a nail course. I’ve always been really into art and doing nails has allowed me to do something new and funky everyday!

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Like everyone else who’s seen her work, I’m a massive fan of Anouska Anastasia and how much attention she pays to detail. If I get half as good as her one day, I’ll throw myself a party! I’m also really inspired by Nails Bab, Hard As Nails Studio and Nails By Heathere – I think all their designs and ideas are insane.

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If you’re someone who likes a really minimal design, I’m most probably not the tech for you. I find myself to be a bit of a chaotic artist so I’m a total sucker for a mix and match. I don’t tend to get too attached to one thing. I love cartoon designs and bright colours, and I love abstract designs too. I get bored if I’m doing the same thing time and time again so if I’m doing a different design per nail I’m in my element! I love using The Gel Bottle products as they’re so incredibly pigmented, they have a great range and they’re long lasting.

“I’m a lover of all things bright, colourful and chaotic. I’m all about funky flowers, flames, hearts, animal prints, eyes and smilies!”

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I work at Nails By Ya Gal Studio in Manchester. Sometimes when clients book with us they don’t always take note of who they’ve booked with, and as multiple artists work here, we’ll have multiple clients booked in at the same time. A couple of times now I’ve accidentally gotten halfway through the prep just to realise I’m doing the nails of one of the other girl’s clients. Whoops!

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Getting to join Nails By Ya Gal studio with Ned was probably the best thing to help start my career. I meet the coolest people every day and have gained the best knowledge to improve my skills and artistry. I read an awful stat from The Telegraph a while ago which noted 4,578 UK beauty businesses had unfortunately closed for good in 2020, so I feel incredibly lucky to be where I am today.

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I would love to try a hand at session nail artistry as I’m really curious to work in different environments and meet other industry pros. I’d love to have my nails in a magazine or a music video one day!

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