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NAIL TECH TALK: Paris Evans of Belle Voir

By Callie Iley | 08 March 2022 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Paris Evans of Belle Voir about what International Women’s Day means to her…

Being in the nail industry is great, it’s like having your very own cheerleaders! I get a lot of support and love online from people who I have never even met but are also in the industry.

At school, I was never the brightest spark in the tool box. Academically, I wasn’t very intelligent but I always tried my hardest with everything. I sat my GCSEs and I failed the majority of them, coming away with only one, which was Art and Design. As I’ve become older, it has worked in my favour, having the creative side to my work. I retook my exams while I was attending college and completing my beauty therapy course at the same time, which I passed. Fast forward a few years, I’m here running my very own business – everything happens for reason!

As a young female entrepreneur, I have often spent long hours working, but having a healthy work and life balance has allowed me to create the life I want for myself. It’s so crucial to maintain this balance whilst being self employed.

Being a female business owner, I believe that I can succeed in anything I do. I care about my appearance, have a healthy work and life balance, which is so important to me. I also support other women, which is vital for uplifting within the industry!

International Women’s Day is important to me because I believe that achievements should be celebrated everyday! To me, it means the world should be free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. I believe in a world that’s diverse and inclusive, where difference is valued and celebrated.

“Having open conversations gives everyone from different backgrounds, ages and genders the chance to consider what they can do to make the world more equal.”

I admire both of the girls at Nuka Nails, Kadimah and Anouska. I love the work they produce – it’s out of this world, and I really appreciate the relationship they have with one another.

My hopes for the future in the industry is to further my education and enrol onto a teaching course to be able to teach and pass on my skills to other fellow techs.

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