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NAIL TECH TALK: Skye Groves of Hallowed Be Thy Nails

By Callie Iley | 06 March 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Skye Groves of Hallowed Be Thy Nails about her industry admirations and searching for nail art inspiration.

What is it about nails that has you hooked?

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to nail art, and that’s what makes working in this industry so refreshing! I get so much satisfaction from being able to consistently push myself creatively and surpass my own expectations.

Even the most complex nail art designs can come to life if you have a vision and enough patience (and coffee!) to see it through.


Who do you admire in the industry?

I am so lucky to work in an industry absolutely brimming with raw talent. There are so many skilled individuals that make this industry what it is. Anouska Anastasia was the first nail artist I discovered on Instagram when Hallowed Be Thy Nails was born back in 2019. I remember being in absolute awe of her work (and still am), I had no idea that it was even possible to hand paint the designs that she was sharing –  her attention to detail is exceptional. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to try and uphold the same standards in my own work! Anouska is a pioneer when it comes to nails and so much of her art has influenced what we see in the world of nails today. If in doubt I ask myself… What would Anouska do?

Rosie Lynall is another extraordinary nail artist who’s imagination allows her to draw inspiration from pretty much anywhere! It’s no surprise that so many of Rosie’s designs have become nail art trends, her taste is impeccable. I have so much admiration for Rosie, this industry wouldn’t be what it is without her, her signature style and her magical brain.

Vivian Xue Rahey is a nail art extraordinaire! I have never seen realism work like Vivian’s. My brain cannot fathom the fact that she hand paints what she does – that is how talented she is – she really does make nail miracles happen. Vivian is living proof that you can paint anything you set your mind to when you have honed your craft, and learned the patience of a saint.

Emma Moreton is a highly skilled nail artist who’s work I am fascinated by. I can’t paint quartz/stones/geodes to the best of my ability without first considering how Emma would go about capturing the depth inside them! She has such an impressive way of imitating the layers and intricacies of natural crystal patterns in her nail art and the results really are beautiful.

What designs do you love to create?

I love taking on designs that scare me a bit. I’m very fortunate to get set requests that really challenge my artistic capabilities. Character work is definitely my thing. Although characters are the hardest to paint, the satisfaction I get from completing a set that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish is always worth it.

With that being said, anything sky themed, a good pastel ombre or something a bit extra will always have a special place in my heart.

How do you keep your own nails?

I either wear press-ons or nothing at all! Because I’m constantly switching up my nails, I need the freedom to wear nails temporarily – which also means I get to save or re-wear the press-ons too!

Recently, I’ve been loving wearing long square nails with a French tip and some kind of nail art over the top!

Where do you source inspiration for your nail work?

There is so much artistry in this world, in so many forms. Aside from current nail trends and the work of my favourite nail artists, I get inspired by clothing, my favourite childhood movies and shows, pop culture, textiles, illustrations and other creatives work on and offline. My saved folder on Instagram is a minefield!

The natural beauty found in this world poses so many great nail art design ideas to me too (thank you Mother Nature). Whether it’s geodes, cloud formations, animal prints, plants, sunsets or space, I like to study whatever it is I’m trying to imitate in my nail-art in order to paint with more realism.

I think its important to refer back to what it is your trying to capture instead of trying to paint from memory!

What one piece of advice changed your career?

Do it for yourself.

If you weren’t doing nails, what would you be doing?

I would likely still be moping about in a retail job, counting down the hours until my lunch break!


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