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NAIL TECH TALK: Sophie Corlett of Prodigy Ltd

By Callie Iley | 26 February 2022 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Sophie Corlett of Prodigy Ltd about her life as a nail tech living on the Isle of Man…

I live and work in Ramsey, Isle of Man, surrounded by sea and landscapes that take your breath away! I have a quaint little salon in my home that I work from, giving my clients a very relaxed environment to have their treatments. I have been working from my home for close to a decade now. Since doing my initial qualification in 2010 l have completed several refresher courses, including multiple Nailchemy courses and art workshops. l am a big believer in never being too old to learn, and will continue to participate in new courses, to keep me up to date in an ever-evolving industry.

Being on The Isle Of Man has its benefits – it’s a beautiful, safe and relaxed place to live and work. We have, however, always struggled to get the best products available. This is when I came across Nailchemy. I placed my first order of gel polishes and I fell in love. Not only were the products amazing, the customer service was and still is second to none – this is of major importance to me. Even after Covid and Brexit, when shipping became more difficult, the team found a way to get my products to me!

I went all in and I swapped all my products to Nailchemy, having previously used multiple brands. I am now an exclusively Nailchemy-only salon. I feel like my work has gone from strength to strength as a result of using their amazing products, I have even started entering competitions and doing much more than I ever thought I would or could!

My favourite Nailchemy product is the entire Genesis acrylic collection, l am an acrylic tech at heart and in my opinion, Genesis is the easiest acrylic to use. If I had to pick an all-time favourite product, l would have to say bewitched gel polish. It’s the most beautiful holographic polish that will enhance any nail to the next level.

“I love that clients can express themselves as much as they please with their nails and l am honoured to help make that happen!”

Being on the Isle of Man has its limitations in terms of competing. However, 2021 saw me enter the Nailchemy tournament and win my heat at advanced level. This encouraged me to compete in a few other competitions too, which I was lucky enough to win two and came runner up in a third.

I was so happy with the Nailchemy brand I completed my teacher training and was so happy to be selected to become the IOM Nailchemy Academy Educator. Inclusive and extensive training is so important to me. I have such a passion for what I do and for Nailchemy products – what better way to pass on what I have learnt over the years? l love that l can now help new nail technicians enter into this industry.

I hope to become the best nail technician l can be. l have a few more courses booked to better my skills which I hope will make me a better teacher as well. I am going to be extending my retail space here on the Isle of Man so technicians here will have Nailchemy products right at their finger tips. This should be coming very soon.


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