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Nail Tech Talk: Susan Steel of Susan Steel Nails

By Callie Iley | 08 July 2023 | Feature, Tech Talk

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With big career dreams and a lifelong passion for nails, Susan Steel shares her nail journey & reveals her hopes for the future of Susan Steel Nails…

“I’ve always loved nails and beauty from a young age, but I never realised that it would be my dream career until I was a bit older,” Susan remembers. “Growing up, I would spend ages painting my nails. I always wore a French manicure throughout my teens, and I like to say that’s where I learned to have such a steady hand.

“I had a passion for art in school and it was my favourite subject, but I never knew what to do with that until I found nails and I’ve never looked back since.”

Qualifying in 2015, Susan attended a night school at college alongside her full time job as a sales admin, studying an SVQ in Hand and Foot Treatments and Acrylic and Hard Gel Extensions. “I then went on and trained with Nail Harmony Gelish, Gel Manicures, Pro Hesion Liquid and Power System and Nail Art Design.

“I also attended training at The Scottish Beauty School for Electric Filing Techniques, Kinetics Nail Academy for One Stroke nail art techniques and with Irena Pro for character true art.”

Susan reveals her signature nail style to be a long almond nail shape with nail art. “I love getting creative with nails and keeping up with the ever-changing industry trends. I’m loving aura nails and chrome pigments right now.

“Nails are such an amazing way to express yourself,” she smiles. “My favourite products to work with for nail art are Home Of Nail Art’s Detail Paints, as they’re so pigmented and stay exactly where you put them, so they’re my go-to for all nail art. I also love to use their gel system.”

“I source inspiration from everywhere,” Susan reveals. “I’m always looking at different patterns and imaging them on a set of nails. I also love Instagram for inspiration – it’s a treasure trove of beautiful nails!

“If I had to pick a nail colour that would characterise my personality, it would have to be a bold and bright red nail. I see red as such a powerful statement colour, as I’m very ambitious with my work. I always strive to do the best I can and I’m so passionate about my career in nails.”

“The most exciting thing about this industry is the love and support. It really is an amazing industry to work in! The support from the brands that I use and other nail artists that I now class as friends is nothing but amazing.

“I love how loyal and supportive my clients are,” she beams. “Most of them have been with me through my whole career. I also find it so exciting in this industry that you get to meet and connect with so many amazing people from all over the world.”

Reflecting on the highlights of her career, Susan notes her nomination for Best Gel Nails in Scotland during the first year of her career, as well as several features by brands and magazines.

“I got invited to my first event this year, where I attended HONA’s Love Your Journey Event which was a massive highlight for me. It was amazing and I met so many wonderful people. I look forward to so many more career highlights to come in the future.”

With plans to complete her AET to become an educator by the end of 2023, Susan is passionate about helping others succeed in a profession she loves.

“My hopes for my future in nails in huge. I have a vision board that I like to update every six months, and nothing feels better than reaching my goals. My passion is nails and my career and I’m very driven to be the best I can be. I’m trying new ways to force myself out my comfort zone. I would love nothing more than to collaborate with some amazing brands – it’s a dream that I work towards every single day!”


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