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NAIL TECH TALK: Terri Louise Copeland of Terri Copeland Nails

By Callie Iley | 22 May 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Magpie Beauty brand ambassador, Terri Louise Copeland of Terri Copeland Nails, about social media and her favourite products to use…

I work from my home-based salon in Chesterfield and have been doing nails on a full time basis since 2019. Before this, I worked for over 10 years in financial services, but redundancy in 2018 gave me the opportunity to turn my hobby into a career, and I haven’t looked back since. I absolutely love all things nails and nail art, and I love that this career means I can work around the times my children need me.

Having to close my business in lockdown was so disheartening the second time around. I thought, if I feel like this then how many other techs are feeling the same way? Each day, I posted a fun challenge on Instagram and I had the best response – so many techs joined in! I wanted to do a fun, no pressure challenge to remind all the techs why we love our job. It felt like such a success with lots of positivity and fun and I loved seeing everyone’s posts. Throughout every business closure we have had, the Instagram community of nail techs has really tried to support one another.

I absolutely love nail artistry and using flakes and foils. I adore nails that sparkles, so it was only a matter of time before I found Magpie and its amazing products.

When I’m not doing nails, I look at nails and researching new nail products to try. I love seeing Magpie used in local salons around town and the online community of Magpie techs is so supportive and friendly. An added bonus for me is that Mrs Magpie is from Chesterfield too, so when we discussed working together it seemed the perfect match.

My favourite style of nail art is marble nails. I just love the different effects that can be created by layering and smooshing colours together. I love playing around with the different colour combinations to see what magic can be created. It’s often the colours you wouldn’t put together that work the best!

I am always looking for ways to get depth into my nail art and by using flakes, coloured leaf and foils and layering the colours this can be achieved. It’s made so much easier with Magpie products.

The gel polish range from Magpie is the best to work with. I find the colours so pigmented and rich in colour – it makes working with it effortless. Because I love creating nail art, I feel that I need to work with a gel polish that has good coverage and effortless application. I also love that this range has the most fun names. My clients get so involved and put a lot of effort in to choosing their next set of nails which I love. The gel polish range from Magpie has names that are memorable and fun, which means my clients can easily remember a colour they love!

There are lots of brilliant nail techs on social media, and in my experience, the majority are so happy to help you out. Reach out and ask for help, tag these techs and thank them for helping you. This leads to an online community that will naturally grow and give us more amazing techs to discover.

Make sure you are really happy with what you are posting and that you feel it reflects your style. Sometimes we focus on followers and likes, and it’s only natural to compare ourselves to others. This can make us feel deflated at times, however if you do feel like this, take time off social media. Come back to it in day or two when you feel more positive.

I love Yael’s work for her creativity and with her abstract designs. We started our Magpie journey together, and I always look forward to seeing what she’s going to post next. I also love Sarah’s work because her work is flawless and she can do basically any style,

When Hannah posted with her practicing her line work, I was so impressed. Because I am in my comfort zone with my smooshy designs, I am always so impressed when techs are so precise and neat!

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