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NAIL TECH TALK: Tihana Besevic, Scratch Stars finalist 20/21

By Lilly Delmage | 14 May 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

Ssas21 Tihana Besevic Lead

Get to know Tihana Besevic, Scratch Stars One Stroke Artist of the Year finalist 20/21 (sponsored by HD Pro Nails), about her signature nail style and passion for one stroke artistry…

Tihana took her first Crystal Nails course in 2012 and went on to become a Crystal Nails Educator in 2018. “In April 2019, I took part in the brand’s international educator rraining in Budapest and I have achieved absolute international master educator status,” she reveals. “Crystal Nails is my favourite brand, and the essentials in my tool kit are Crystal Nails tools and brushes.”

Tihana utilised lockdown by continuing to practice her nail artistry. “I found doing nail art therapeutic so almost every day I have tried to do some art,” she comments. “I have a home salon and on most of my clients I use hard gel, but recently I fell in love with Fusion AcrylGel from Crystal Nails.”

When asked about what she loves about the one stroke nail art technique, she revealed that she first learnt it eight years ago, and ever since it has been her favourite for nail design. “I used to love doing one stroke with acrylic paints but now often use art gel.”

“Flowers have always been my signature style. I love painting flowers with acrylic paints, art gel, 3D gel and lace gel.”

“When I became a Crystal Nails educator, one of first courses I organised was one stroke painting level 1. At that course, one of the students said to me that I need to enter the Scratch Stars Awards.  A few months later, I entered and was a finalist in the One Stroke Artist of the Year category 2019.”

Tihana enjoyed the Scratch Stars Awards experience so much that she wanted to enter again. “Once you compete and experience such a good organisation you get addicted and you need to try again. It was very happy day when I found out I was a finalist for 2020/2021.”

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