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Nail Tech Talk: Vicky Gillaspy of Nails by Vicky G

By Callie Iley | 11 June 2022 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Vicky Gillaspy chats with Scratch about balancing life as a nail tech and a mother, and her plans for her future in the industry…

“I have a very full-on life, balancing running my own business and having two small children, who to put it politely, run me ragged,” Vicky laughs. “I’m sure many mum nail techs can relate.

“Managing everything isn’t easy, but I love it!”

“I opened my Nail Cabin in the garden just after the first lockdown,” she recalls. “Previous to this, I had worked self-employed in various salons.

“I found, with all the uncertainty with where salons stood post-Covid, I decided to take the opportunity to go self-employed and it’s the best thing I ever did!”

“I absolutely love having my own salon, it’s like my little sanctuary.”

“I found during the first lockdown, I had a lot of time to reflect on my business as we all did. I have been in the industry for a very long time and although I was always busy, the nail industry over the years has changed dramatically.

“Nail art has never been so popular, and for that reason, I used the time to do training with some amazing nail techs online to brush up on my skills,” Vicky shares. “I can truly say I fell back in love with my job all over again!”

“I don’t really have a signature style, I just go with the seasons,” she explains. “Pastels in spring, brights in summer. I do love some negative space art or a coloured French, too.”

“I keep my own nails relatively simple. I love a plain builder gel set or a French tip, in white or a bold green.”

“The nail and beauty industry is like no other. The support and empowerment is incredible, it’s like a family!

“I definitely get my inspiration from other nail techs in the industry,” Vicky beams. “There are far too many to mention, but they are insanely talented!”

“My future plans is to continue as I am, keep thriving to be better for myself, and to keep enjoying it.

“It’s hard at times with very long hours, but my clients that keep me going,” she smiles. “It’s like a therapy session with each and every one of them, whether it’s them or me with a dilemma, or just to have a good old laugh and catch up.”

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