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Nail techs on menopause in the workplace & supporting menopausal clients

By Rebecca Hitchon | 24 October 2023 | Feature, Health & wellbeing, Tech Talk

Menopause Tech Talks

Two techs share how to accommodate the needs of those impacted by the menopause on both sides of the nail desk…

Supporting yourself & staff: Emma Brock, OPI Nail Boss

“I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) at 25. The worst symptom for me over the years has been brain fog, as I’ve felt stupid when forgetting what a client has said and having to ask the same question repeatedly,” Emma tells Scratch. “If you have an employee who is suffering or it is you who is suffering, remember that while it is challenging, you can find methods that will support your needs.”

Examples of this include making sure that layers can be worn as uniform, ready to remove during hot flushes. Emma also recommends providing equipment to jot down notes, so little things that are easily forgotten can be remembered.

“I’ve found that if you are open about your situation, clients are understanding, and many appreciate what you’re going through. They often share their own experiences, which turns appointments into great therapy sessions. Similarly, if an employee is struggling, it’s key to be understanding. Remember, everyone goes through the menopause differently and has different needs.”

If early menopause has affected you, an employee or client, Emma recommends visiting

Supporting clients: Fran Bholah, owner of The Nail Room, Southampton

“From chatting to perimenopausal and menopausal clients throughout their appointments, it has become clear to me how symptoms like hot flushes are very uncomfortable to experience in some salon spaces,” says Fran. “Catering to their needs is important to me, as I understand their feelings from my own experience of the perimenopause. Therefore, I always strive to provide a comfortable space, where clients know there will be no judgement should they feel the need to cool off or remove a jumper – I even provide them with a fan if they require it!

“I believe that offering a space in which clients feel they can openly express their feelings, as well as taking time to understand menopausal issues that they face, can dramatically improve the quality of care. Honesty and gentle humour can help to start these conversations.”

Fran’s top tip for adapting nail treatments to menopausal clients is to prioritise hydration. “The nails of these women can often become dry, so making extra care to use creams or oils during treatments is necessary. Also important is avoiding too many drying chemicals, such as acetone, and giving homecare advice to keep nails and skin in good condition,” she shares.