Nail your consultation for nail biters

By Kat Hill | 10 April 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature


Help kick a client’s nail biting habit by kicking off your service with a consultation perfectly tailored to their nail needs. Rachel Gribble, Salon System expert shares, her tips…

As with all nail services, the most important part is the client consultation. You need to establish how badly bitten the client’s nails are and what it is they are hoping for from you.

Are they looking for a quick fix, or hoping to break their biting habit? Are they looking to do this with natural nail services and home care or wanting nail enhancements?

You also need to discuss the financial commitment of each service as well as time commitment, so that you can provide the correct and right service for them.

For natural nail services, regular full and luxury manicures will help keep the nails looking their best, complemented with home care treatments and products. Nail strengtheners and cuticle oil are a must.

For enhancements, acrylic is generally a good option but the length must be kept short. It is also likely that maintenance needs to be more frequent, up to every seven to 10 days. More frequent visits mean it’s a much costlier route than manicures. Thorough aftercare advice must also be given. If the client takes care of the enhancements, they can end up with lovely natural nails after a couple of months.