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Nailympia Online 2021 champion launches online learning

By Alex Fox | 16 March 2021 | Feature, Training

Olena Oezman 1

Champion nail tech and artist, Olena Oezman has launched an online nail academy. Utilising her time efficiently during the pandemic, Olena focused on creating a portal of nail education, in order to further her reach as an international nail tutor and trainer.

And the timing is excellent, since taking part in the first edition of Nailympia Online, Olena was presented at its awards ceremony on 15 March 2021 1x gold, 2 x silver and 1 x bronze medals as well as they Division 4 VIP 5-Shape Challenge trophy.

Acting as mentor and teacher to multi-award winning UK medalist and nail artist, Mino Vo, Olena is cited as a great beacon of knowledge and inspiration. Talking after his success winning three of the eight Nailympia Online trophies, Mino says, “When competing, it’s not just about who is the best in structure or the best in art. You need to read the rules, this is your best friend. For you to be successful there are many points to consider and a big area you need to focus on the cleanliness of your work, your surface and cuticles.” Mino then goes on to share his success comes a direct result of what he learned on Olena’s course. “I took the Olena Özman combined manicure online class and can honestly say, I can now make clean cuticles confidently. This course covers every single thing you can imagine. Every skin type, every tool. And the quality I can promise you is the best.”

Nails & manicure by  Nailympia Online champion UK tech – Mino Vo


Showcasing an image of  his nail work, Mino reveals, “This picture has not had a single edit or any photoshop work done, I didn’t even change any light settings. It is purely a manicure born from skills learned on Olena’s class.”
Currently there is a code on offer if signing up for Olena’s classes – use the word – MINO for an extra 10% off.
After 14 years working as a nail professional Olena decided it was time to pass on her experience and nail knowledge. Creating a website for nail education, Olena promises structured learning with videos that will not only dramatically elevate your nail skills, abut also provide a clear understanding, afford a new freedom, raise self-confidence, the respect you are shown and ultimately widen your choices in the field of nails.
Olena cites her success is down to, “My secret to success is hard work, continuous learning, my passion for nails and always doing the best I can.” Olena advocates pushing oneself and coming our of your comfort zone to take on the challenges that appear – reflecting that only by doing this can one step up their game. And, by golly, the results speak for themselves since not only is Olena successfully reaping the rewards through winning medals and trophies, but her students are also taking centre stage.