#NOWTRENDING: Oyster shell style nails by Paiwa Loves

By Helena Biggs | 23 June 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

Paiwa Loves Trending Design

For a nail artist that lives close to a shoreline in Rye, East Sussex, it was only fitting that she create a set of oyster shell style nails – and they’re a delight to behold.

After working with children for 20 years, Paiwa Drew, who goes by the business handle ‘Paiwa Loves‘, sought a more flexible career after she had her own children. “I would regularly paint the nails of my friends and family but hadn’t considered it as a career until my love for more botanically based products led me to searching for a suitable nail brand,” she reveals.

“I’d always been keen on vegan friendly, cruelty-free brands and when I learned about Bio Sculpture and its unique treatment gels and emphasis on nail health, I knew it was the brand the one for me.

“I completed my training with Bio Sculpture in December 2018 and my career has been a whirlwind ever since. My passion for healthy nails and the art that gel manicures now offer has just escalated. The creative side appeals to me so much and I love my job. My client base has grown faster than I expected – and I largely thank the products I work with for this.”

During lockdown, Paiwa has created a number of ‘how to’ videos on Instagram to help fellow techs try their had at various nail art designs. “Creating these videos breaks down the process and hopefully encourages others to keep creative. It has helped me try out new techniques, too,” she continues.

“I don’t have a signature style as love trying all types of nail artistry, but I do enjoy creating stone effects and ocean waves. I created these oyster-style nails after being inspired by the work of fellow Bio Sculpture tech, Isabel May Nails. I delved into my nail art drawers and here’s how I created them:

  1. Apply base gel and cure.
  2. Apply one layer of Evo by Bio Sculpture Gel in Anastasia (a mid grey) and cure.
  3. Dot some flakes onto the tacky layer. I used Magpie Beauty‘s Rosanna flakes.
  4. Apply Lecenté Foil Gel over the top and cure.
  5. Apply Lecente’s Oil Slick foil where desired.
  6. Apply Evo by Bio Sculpture Gel’s Suede Effect Matte Top Coat and cure. Note: I wanted to frame the nails in a rough edge like an oyster shell so continued with further steps, but alternatively you could finish at this step).
  7. Using the Foil Gel again, I painted the edges of the nail with the Bio Sculpture Fine Liner brush and cured.
  8. Apply Lecente’s Gun Metal Foil on these areas.
  9. Level and smooth the design with an application of Bio Sculpture’s Soft Gel and cure.
  10. Apply top coat, cure and wipe to finish.

“Pretty nails don’t happen by chance, they happen by appointment.”

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