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#NowTrending: Pretty pastel cloud nails by Rebecca Marie

By Callie Iley | 19 January 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Rebecca Marie of The Nails Coven Studio about her journey into the nail industry and how she created this pretty pastel cloud nail design…

My journey as a nail technician started in 2018. I was never one to get my nails done until the holographic trend came about and I absolutely fell in love with how it looked. Over time, my acrylic nail enhancements would become longer and sharper, as I found my style. At this point in time, I was working in a job where I was extremely unhappy. From watching the process of nails being done, I saw an opportunity to learn something new. I started taking nail courses and from there, my nail journey began.

I enjoy creating a range of different styles, as I like to be able to offer as much as I possibly can to my clientele. I would say my personal favourite nail art style is hand painted nail art. I love nothing more than when a client asks for a cartoon character or a good flame. Being from a small town, it’s not something you see very often.


To create this nail design, I used Nails By Builder In A Bottle to help grow the natural nail. My client loves anything celestial, and as her previous set was dark, we thought we’d go for a more pastel mermaid vibe.

I used my Nailz_by_Dev Hella Cute Liner Brush to create the design on the tips, using the shades Loving You Lilac from Nails By and Baby Clouds from Glitterbels. I then outlined and created the moons and stars using the shade Fool’s Gold from Nails By. To finish the look, I topped the nails with Urban Graffiti Top Coat and Cutie Oils cuticle oil to finish.

The thing I love most about working in the nail industry is definitely the friendships made along the way, and also being an inspiration to people wanting to start out their own journey in the nail world. This is something that people have been reached out to me about, a few times during my career. It makes me super happy to know that someone wants to start doing nails because of the work I create!

I would say that the highlight of my career so far is getting my own little studio within a salon full of talented and wonderful hair stylists. It’s my escapism and a place I can feel very at home.

My hopes for the future would be to become a brand ambassador for Nails By, as I love its products and after testing so many brands, I have now found the one for me. The products are so pigmented, and my clients always comment on the shine! I would also eventually like to open my own salon, when the world returns to normal. I want to be able to create a fun, comfortable space for people to be themselves and for fellow colleagues to feel like they are valued.

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