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#NowTrending: Puppy nail art by Amber Green

By Callie Iley | 20 April 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

Header Pic Amber Green

Scratch chats to Amber Green of Pop Beauty Norwich about the importance of having an all-inclusive studio and how she created this pretty pooch nail art…

I trained in 2015 with a brand that I loved. I worked full time and was doing the nails of a few friends, but it wasn’t until December 2019 that I started to consider it as a career I knew I wanted to do fun nails with lots of nail art and I’ve been really lucky to grow a clientele who rarely want plain nails. It’s taken a lot of practice and it’s probably the only thing I’ve ever done that I have stuck with when I wasn’t good straight away!

My signature style is fun and bright. I love an abstract design and go giddy when tasked with something intricate and detailed. It’s taken me a long time to fall in love with a gel brand, but I’m head over heels for The Pro Gel – its products are so pigmented and the brush is perfect. I also really love Brillbird Brush & Go, it’s the best art gel there is.

I created the below dog nails by firstly looking on Instagram and Pinterest for cartoon-style images of dogs, as I knew these needed to be a bit fun! After the base colour, I worked in layers and cure each layer between, using a selection of dotting tools and brushes. My favourite brushes to use are an 11mm liner brush and another that I have trimmed to be even finer to do the tiny details. The good thing about working in layers is if you’re not happy, you can wipe with isopropyl and do that layer again before curing. The little red collars were an afterthought which I thought brought them all together. Often, I will sketch designs on paper, but for the dogs I just done this from online images.

I love working in the nail industry for a few reasons, mainly being able to sit down and chat all day to my clients. Doing nails is so much fun – not many people enjoy their jobs as much as nail techs! The second reason is the community on Instagram, I’ve made such good friends with techs all over the country, who I can’t wait to meet up with in person.

The highlight of my career, is probably this feature! Or the collaboration I did with The Pro Gel in March 2021, where I got to use its products to create some content which was shared. From a  business point of view, being fully booked last December by mid November was also a big highlight. It’s such an honour that people choose me for their nails.

My whole ethos is one that is inclusive, as I just want everyone to feel welcome in my little studio. I’m quite an anxious and awkward person if I’m out and about, so know first hand how scary salons can be sometimes. I’m really passionate that everyone deserves to feel special and nails can really do that. I have clients of various gender, sexuality, ethnicity and size. I just want clients to come in, have a lovely time, get some great nails, have a chat and they’ll all end up being my best pals!

I’m hoping to build my clientele and to offer some 1-2-1 nail art workshops and possibly bring in some accredited courses – as my former career was in education. It’s safe to say I’m low-key obsessed with nails, and just want to share this with the world!

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