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#NowTrending: Stars & squiggles by Egle Bivainyte

By Callie Iley | 22 December 2020 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Egle Bivainyte of Greeneye Nails about her journey in the nail industry and how to recreate this gorgeous nail design.

I started doing nails as a hobby a few years ago after getting my nails done at Imarni Salon. Seeing the process and how it’s done really got me thinking, ‘I think I want to try it myself’! I really got into it, and I finally qualified in 2019 after my friends convinced me that I was good at it, and that I should do it properly as a trained professional

My signature nail style has got to be intricate, hand painted nail art, as it has always been my thing since the very beginning when I started. I’ve never get bored of it because I’m always doing something new and different.

I always use my trusty fine art brush from Brillbird, Magpie glitters and The Gel Bottle Inc Builder in a Bottle, as well as the brand’s colours.

How to

For this design, I took inspiration from Pria B of BhamBNails. I’ve used The Gel Bottle Builder Inc  in a Bottle in the shade 19 to strengthen the client’s beautiful long natural nails. Using my art brush, I painted a deep French in white, using The Gel Bottle in the shade Daisy.

Next, I used Apres Artgel in black, and fine brush to paint the squiggly lines, followed by using a dotting tool to make centres for the stars.

To create the star shape, I then dragged the points out using the fine brush. I topped the whole design with the Extreme Shine Topcoat from The Gel Bottle Inc and finished with plenty of NAF! Stuff cuticle oil!

The nail industry is full of ridiculously talented, kind, and supportive people. Everyone just keeps hyping each other up, which is so amazing to see!

I’m inspired by other nail artists every single day – it’s just mind blowing to see how creative these people are.

I consider myself as a total newbie, and every bit of my work being recognised by someone gives me so much joy! Whenever someone notices and appreciates my work is hands down the highlight of the career every time without fail.

I’m really proud of myself for just taking the leap and starting a new career, setting up my cute home studio and making it through all the lockdowns!

When I look to the future, so many different things pop to my mind. I’d really love to guest spot at some of the coolest nail salons in the world, and see my nail designs on TV, in magazines, on celebrities. I think my mum would finally agree that swapping a career in automotive design for nail art was a good decision!

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