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#NowTrending: Tattoo nail art by Pip Wilkinson

By Callie Iley | 01 June 2021 | Feature, Tech Talk

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Scratch chats to Pip Wilkinson of Haus of Claws about wanting to create an openly queer, positive safe space and how she created this tattoo-inspired design…

My nail journey started when I was 14 years old. I’d buy cheap varnishes and practice nail art at home. It was shortly after my partner passed away in early 2020 that I decided I’d like to pursue a career in the nail industry, just before the pandemic hit – not the best time to start a new career!


My signature nail style is a stiletto shape. I absolutely adore the look of a clean tapered shape so it’s either stiletto or coffin as my common preference. I love all styles of nail art. Something I love so much about the nail industry is the constantly changing of trends – this consistent evolution keeps me motivated and growing. I trained with CND and I love their products so much – their prep products are second to none for me and my clients, especially the ones that find cuticle work uncomfortable. CND makes everything so much easier!


I created this specific set with a builder base. The products I used were Mylee’s Mygel 5 in 1 Builder gel in Light Pink, and the Mylee Gel Polish in the shade Break The Ice. I also used Bluesky Gel Paint in Black for the nail art – I regularly use these brands.

I love the constant evolution of the nail industry. I love seeing art, regardless of how temporary it may be, and wearable art such as nails is just another beautiful way to accessorise. More than anything, I love the comfort nails bring to people. It’s a lovely process to pamper someone and learn more about a person in doing so. I won’t get tired of hearing people’s stories and leaving them with the happiness of a fresh set!


One of the highlights of my career so far is being recognised by some of my favourite artists online. I have had the privilege of several interactions with my favourite drag artists, have had my work reposted by them and even have been followed by them. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen! Most recently, Joe Black of Drag Race UK reposted a portrait I painted of them on a nail, last year Yvie Oddly, winner of season 11 of Drag Race, reposted my art of her and popped me a follow. It warmed my heart beyond belief!


Ultimately, I’d like to centre my future in nails around my passions as a person. Most importantly, I’d like to create an openly queer, positive safe space for people to come and get their nails done by me. Inclusiveness is my utmost importance and I think it’s about time there are salon spaces for every person to get their nails done if they want to. From my personal experience, I can say with certainty there are not enough of these spaces for people like me to feel comfortable and accepted in, and I’d love to change that.


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