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Over 125 nail pros amassed at the East Nail Camp in Florida for a nail-infused fact & fun-filled nail experience

By Alex Fox | 18 June 2021 | Feature, Training

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The East Nail Camp 2021 was an incredible success and a lot of that was due to the amazing generosity of the sponsors,” enthuses organiser Jessica Briarmoon.

The event, held from 14-17 May 2021, hosted just under 150 nail techs at Willis Camp, Fruitland Park just north of Orlando, Florida. Aptly named, the Post Prohibition event in sympathy for the nail techs who suffered through the prohibition of nails at some point during 2020, the hosts decided the theme was fitting and fun. “We had over 70 brand new campers and techs travelled to us from 33 states,” explains Jess. “The weekend was filled with classes, games, laughter and learning.

“Friday afternoon kicked off with a 5-hour workshop ‘Incredible Improvements’. During this class nail techs were invited to showcase what they do in the salon one nail at a time. Educators then offered critiques, as well as ideas on different approaches with trouble shooting hints on the technical and technique aspects offering expertise on how to craft smile lines, shaping and structure. By the end of the workshop many felt their weekend was already worth the investment! The power of this class alone had them feeling their salon nail skills were elevated.

“On Friday night we introduced sponsors, highlighted the vast array of raffle prizes donated and then at each meal we announced winners. After dinner, we then handed out the camp’s swag bags loaded with nail products. Techs then rushed to their rooms to go through the products, read the brochures and test things out. We even had some go LIVE on their Facebook pages showcasing the products. We also hosted two 24-hour play rooms for techs who wanted to play nails and network instead of sleep.

“Saturday was filled with demo classes and a 3-hour workshop of their choice. In the evening educators joined together to create a round table discussion where attendees asked questions about anything. On Sunday, campers faced their fears and competed in a one-hand competition. This gets them a score sheet and critique to help improve their skillset and styling. Competitions in the USA are pretty much non-existent, so having these critiques is incredibly valuable,” highlights Jessica. “More classes continued into the afternoon, then in the evening, everyone dressed up in themed clothing from the Prohibition era to attend the Trade Show Costume Party. Incredibly, with over 50 flapper dresses on display, not a single one was repeated! While music blasted, techs browsed the booths and networked with each other up until midnight when the last finally headed to bed. On Monday, as expected, there were some tired campers that still had one last class to take. This is typically when we hold the longer workshops that require a whole day such as Allie Baker’s popular Trolls class.

“After four full days, the campers packed up their new products and suitcases before heading home. Having made loads of new friends, tried new products and learned new techniques, the spirit the techs left on was high and happy.

“It’s a lot of work to put together each camp, but it’s so worth it for the teary eyed ‘thank yous’ I receive at the end of the event,” smiles Jessica. “I’m really looking forward to the October camp when we head back to Vashon Island, Washington – the facility I used for nail camps between 2010-2017, which hosts a maximum of 125 techs. The West Nail Camp 2021 will be held on 22-25 October.”







On the drive home from Seattle Nail Camp Jessica Briarmoon’s husband experienced a tragedy when his trailer burst into flames. Fortunately, he was able to get himself and their daughter out of the truck to safety. Sadly, the trailer, which housed everything Jessica uses to run the nail camps was completely burned out. “The fire department doesn’t know what caused it, but we are very thankful it happened on the way home rather than on the way to camp,” reflects Jessica. “We are working to replace the essential items lost, and of course still plan to have camp in October.”