Chloe Randall

How to treat a pregnant client in the nail salon

By Chloe Randall | 13 March 2021 | Expert Advice, Feature

Pregnant Client

Pregnant pampering can be a welcome treat for a tired mum-to-be. For pregnant clients, changes often need to be made to comply with their needs and safety when being treated, whilst making their time in the salon as comfortable as possible. Here, we share some considerations you can make for your pregnant clients…

Considerations to make for pregnant clients

1. Comfortable seating

“Comfortable seating should be a priority as well as creating a tranquil atmosphere. This could be the last few weeks of peace for your client or the last chance to feel like themselves” comments TGB Brand Ambassador, Rosemarie Jones.

“Taking extra care in creating that ‘comfort’ and ‘luxury’ vibe will go a long way.”

2. Consultation

“Back support should always be considered. Something as simple as popping a small cushion or rolled-up towel in the small of the lady’s back as she is having her nails done can make a huge difference to her comfort levels.

“It is a good idea to take an extra few minutes to discuss what you can do to make the service more comfortable. Be aware that adjustments may also need to be made during the treatment so extra service time should be allowed for this” said CND Educator Susan McGirl.

3. Avoid sharp tools

“We definitely recommend treatments without the use of clippers or sharp tools. When reshaping customer’s nails, we should carefully select the appropriate grid, because, in this state, the nails are often brittle, split or sensitive” commented Sara Tomczyk, Indigo Educator.

“We can make the treatments more comfortable. Music, heated oils, masks and gentle massage movements will give the customer a feeling of deep relaxation. It’s also an opportunity to rest, relax, and oxygenate the body of a pregnant woman.”

Top Tips:

  • A thorough consultation with the pregnant client should be carried out to uncover any services that they should opt-out of for the duration of their pregnancy.
  • Most clients can continue to wear their preferred nail coating but recommendations on what is suitable vary closer to the birth, so the nail tech should advise the client to discuss this with their doctor as they near the end of the pregnancy.

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