Redecorating your salon

By Kat Hill | 09 October 2018 | Expert Advice, Feature


Are you thinking of having a salon spruce up before the festive rush? Take into consideration our top tips…

  • Set yourself a budget

Try to stick to it! Don’t forget to factor in little extras like finishing touches and delivery charges.

  • Take measurements

Before ordering anything, be sure you’ve taken measurements carefully to ensure a streamlined delivery and setup process.

  • Research other salons in your area

To help set yourself apart from competition, take a look at the local businesses in your area and find a point of difference.

  • Consider your client base

Take into consideration your clientele. Can you imagine them in the space you’re creating?

  • Set yourself a deadline

Plan your project and try to stick to deadline to eliminate downtime for your business.

  • Think about trends

Consider adding touches of the latest trends, but don’t rely on them in your redesign. What looks good now might not next year.

Turn to page 92 of the October issue of Scratch to see more! Meet the salon wincers making a statement with their business setup, whether they’re breaking or following the rules of interior design…