Chloe Randall

Reopening: 6 practical pointers for getting back to the nail salon

By Chloe Randall | 09 April 2021 | Feature


Many nail businesses would have changed up the nail space last summer, but with some time away from the nail desk, it’s worth re-reading the appropriate government guidelines and double-checking the measures you have in place before reopening. These measures could include the spacing out of nail desks to allow for social distancing and rejigging of staff rotas to ensure the rules can be adhered to.

“Clients will notice changes prior and during their appointments,” comments Ruth Munro, Magpie Beauty educator. “I’ll be ensuring that all clients have completed online Covid questionnaires, new patch tests and agreed to the new salon protocols I’ve put in place prior to their first appointment via email. Clients will be asked to wait in the car park until I contact them to enter the salon, this will allow me to control salon traffic and cut client crossovers.”



What’s more, you need to evaluate the costs of PPE, and factors including fewer clients per day owing to time needed between appointments to clean, and loss of clients that are shielding or apprehensive about a visit. This will be a hit to your income – so consider your price points to ensure you can cover all costs – and start to recover lost earnings. Ensure you clean all surfaces after each client as before, but now including all door handles, chairs and anything else you or your client have come into contact with.

1. Risk Assessment Refresh

Hazel Dixon shares advice on perfecting your risk assessment here. Visit the link to refresh your mind on risk assessments.

2. Workspace

Loretta Walker

Consider your workspace. If you’re a member of salon team, are you able to socially distance from your colleagues and other clients? Consider moving a nail desk to your waiting area. “The majority of our changes to the salon where made in July 2020, including the removal of soft furnishings and the addition of disposable gloves for every treatment – and inclusion of more sanitising stations,” comments Loretta Walker, owner of The Nail & Beauty Lounge Stourbridge & NaileDecal.

“The reception desk has been removed and staff members will be taking appointment bookings and payment at their work stations. The front door will be locked during each treatment in order to comply with our risk assessment and limit the number of people in the workspace.”



3. Stock

“Do a stock check to make sure products are all in date and electric appliances are still within their approval date,” suggests Paulina Zdrada owner, The Nail Lab Salon & Academy.



4. Technology

Move to contactless payments and sanitise thoroughly between use. Send your consultation forms electronically to complete prior to the appointment to save time and prevent the handling of pens and paper in the nail space.

5. Disposables & extras

“Policies I am implementing include using a different nail file and buffer for every client, which will then be cleaned after use and stored individually,” comments Aimee Purser, founder of Aimee Purser Beauty. “I can no longer offer a blanket for clients having treatments on the beauty couch and clients will be asked to attend their treatments alone. There will not be a waiting area inside the building.”




6. Staffing

“We intend to have two teams working opposing schedules to avoid crossover,” reveals Tracy McGoogan, INK London educator. “This means that if there is an outbreak or anyone has to, isolate then we still have a team able to work. As a salon we fall within the close contact services one-metre social distancing rule but we try to keep to two-metres where possible.

“Workstations are split with Perspex screening and each station has a supply of PPE including gloves and masks. Social areas have been separated and breaks will be taken alone in separate areas of the building.”

Communicating with your staff is key, adds If you have staff communication is key, keep them up to date with any change of policies in the salon or salon lay out that may have changed and have regular online meetings/phone calls so they are fully involved with salon life and feel more comfortable about returning to work after this current lockdown.

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