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Reopening: Learn about PPE

By Scratch Staff | 26 March 2021 | Expert Advice, Feature


Are you ready for the return to work? Here, we recap PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to help prep you and your business for reopening.

Treatments offered by nail & beauty professionals are classed as ‘close-contact services’ and foster specific government guidelines that must be followed to ensure safe working practice.

You should read the guidance that applies your country and ensure you are working in a safe and compliant manner when able to reopen.

Guidance can be found here:

Face coverings

A Type II face mask is a medical face covering with a protective 3-ply construction. Masks should cover both the nose and mouth and should not be touched once on. Masks are compulsory for workers and clients, however there are exemptions.


Clear visors cover the whole face and can act as a barrier between the wearer and the client from respiratory droplets. Your visor should cover your forehead, extend below the chin, and wrap around the side of your face. They must fit and be worn properly. Reusable visors must be cleaned and disinfected between each client using cleaning products.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland require you to wear a visor and mask at work. In Scotland, staff may wear a face shield if desired, although this must be worn in addition to, and not in place of, a face covering.


Goggles can be worn as an alternative to a visor when worn with a Type II face mask. They must be close fitting with no openings or vents. They must be cleaned as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


Unless crucial for the treatment, you should avoid skin-to-skin contact and use gloves where possible.

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