Chloe Randall

Reopening: Nail techs prepare for the rush

By Chloe Randall | 09 April 2021 | Feature


When salons reopen after an extremely difficult year for the industry, nail technicians may be feeling a range of emotions. Scratch chats to nail professionals about their thoughts on the reopening rush…

Liza Smith, owner, Bodylines salon & CND™ education ambassador:

“We have worked hard to educate clients on our retail ranges, as they haven’t been able to have services. Our intention is to continue to grow that side of our business, along with online consultations, future proofing the business.

“This year we are going back into good weather, then clients socialising and our plan is to utilise these events to get clients back into the habit of their previous lives. We are planning for a smooth increase back to normal turnover by the end of September.”



Jaz Moger, Salon System nail expert & owner of Paint by Jaz

“I think the months ahead will be busy and full of joy. It’s definitely going to be a shock to the system again for us techs, but we’ll soon get back into the swing of things! A good thing to come out of the pandemic is greater respect for the beauty industry.

“People have realised how important a beauty treatment can be for their mental health. It’s not just nails; it’s the calming conversations and the human contact. I hope that no-shows diminish as clients have realised how valuable appointments are to both themselves and their nail tech.”



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