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Reopening: Thoughts on the first fortnight back in the salon

By Guest Writer | 26 April 2021 | Business, Feature, Tech Talk

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Thanh Vu, managing director of four Dream Nails salons, shares her experience back at work following lockdown 3.0 and draws in thoughts from an employee…

Thanh Vu

As owner of four Dream Nails salons, I have become accustomed, due to Covid-19, to closing them with a few days’ notice and then needing to reopen with the now usual flurry of bookings. Each re-opening week is like Christmas week all over again, with clients in a rush to get their nails done after spending so much time at home.

However, things felt a little different after lockdown 3.0. I was a little more anxious perhaps due to the extended four month lockdown. Perhaps I was anxious due to the knowledge that we were fully booked for the first two weeks. There is the fear of forgetting how to do nails, whether I can still work at the same speed and whether all the salons will be fit for purpose.

Luckily, opening week was a success and like riding a bike we quickly got back into the swing of things. Inevitably, there are teething problems with equipment not having been used for multiple months and timings not quite running as smoothly. However, all our clients were extremely appreciative and grateful for some form of normal life resuming.

I also have asked our newly promoted employee, Marija, for input from her experience at our Dream Nails Royal Wharf salon I the opening week:

“It was exciting to get back into a routine and to see everyone, both colleagues and clients. Clients have been as eager as us to return, and this has been demonstrated via their creative input on colour schemes and designs.

“The best thing about getting back to work is that I can be creative again; use all my nail tools and products and engage with clients. I love the feeling of satisfaction when a client feels beautiful because of their nails. However, my body is still getting used the the days after three months out of work!

“Clients have remarked that having spent the year having to do their own nails, they now realise that getting their nails done is more of treat – like a spa day. I think nails will be viewed more as a luxury offering for clients.”