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Revealed: Key nail trends for 2023

By Chloe Randall | 06 January 2023 | Expert Advice, Feature

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The nail industry is known to change and evolve all the time. However, particularly since the pandemic, trends and looks have changed as lockdowns meant people were left with little choice but to not have treatments while salons were shut and press-on nails were a must.

As we head in to 2023, Scratch delves deep into what is set to be popular & how the industry is changing…

  1. Nail Slugging

 Nail Slugging is where petroleum jelly or any thick ointment is applied to the nail and cuticle area in an effort to treat dry or brittle nails. The idea is to ‘slug’ your nails morning and night and this tip has gone viral on TikTok, with people sharing their results.

“Nail slugging has been a great way to encourage natural nail growth and I think this will be a key theme for 2023. This new trend emerged on TikTok and I’m here for it,” reveals Iram Shelton, OPI nail expert. “It’s important to hydrate and nourish your skin and nails daily and if you find it difficult to keep up with it during the day you can slug at night!”



2. 3D Nails

“3D nail art is going to be big,” adds Iram. “Whether this is sculpting art with gel or adding rhinestones or accents to the nails. I also think that ‘nail jewellery’ will be popular. This is adding piercings or chains to the nails.”

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3. Jelly Nails

According to data insight company, Trendalytics in its Beauty Forecast 2023 report, jelly nails are also set to be an emerging trend.

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Chrome nails

With the Hailey Bieber nail trend booming in popularity this year, nails with a chrome finish are set to grow even more in 2023.

“Chrome is still going to be huge, particularly over opaque and sheer bases,” advises Harriet Westmoreland, OPI ambassador.

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