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Revealed: The nail technique you need to know about

By Emma Hobday | 04 July 2021 | Expert Advice, Feature

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Serbian nail artist, Bojana Kostka, has added a new technique to her arsenal of patented nail designs – the ‘Casting Technique’. It offers a speedy way to produce extreme nail enhancements, offering pros more time to embellish, create and style.

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About Bojana Kostka

Bojana started doing nails professionally in 1999 and was one of the first nail technicians in Serbia to open a nail academy. She has been in the nail business for more than 20 years, creating, teaching and judging and is renowned for her extreme nail shapes, which she began creating in 2006.

Following the launch of her first shape, the Stiletto Edge, she went on to invent and patent exciting new forms including Triangle, Razor, Edge It, Dagger, Lilith and Dragon. She produced nine more extreme shapes from 2010 to 2020 and has turned her focus to the Casting Technique.

What is the Casting Technique?

It actually started many years ago by accident. Bojana explains that as nails became longer, she needed more time to enhance and decorate them properly. Creating nail shapes started to take around five hours, with another 15 hours added for decoration.

“I started to think about how I could speed up my work,” Bojana explains. “I enjoyed 3D modelling but I was never able to make two identical models, so, I considered that if I could make one model, I can make a mould from it and duplicate it.”

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Bojana created the moulds herself, admitting using ‘some interesting elements’ for the prototypes. She is hosting seminars for the Casting Technique and working on a product that, when poured into the mould, it flows perfectly and follows the shape so that when removed, it is ready to be placed on the nail with ease.

“The Casting Technique is a way for nail designers to develop their creative skills and speed up their work,” Bojana continues. “Students are amazed by the possibilities of this technique; it separates nail artists from nail technicians. Imagination and creativity is required to cast the details on the nails and breathe life into their story.”

Interested in learning the Casting Technique? Email kostkaseminars@gmail.com

All images courtesy of Bojana Kostka