Salon in the Spotlight: Bangs London

By Kat Hill | 28 April 2021 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Bangs London Lead

Keen to make its mark on Walthamstow, London, the team at Bangs London has implemented a number of sustainable practises. Offering hair and beauty appointments, the salon opened in September 2019. “We searched for he perfect space for almost half a year,” co-founders Danielle, Hannah & Shimol, explains.

“We knew we wanted to open in Walthamstow, as there was such a sense of local community in the area.  It was important to us to open a space that had a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere so that we could hopefully embed ourselves into the community.

Danielle, Hannah & Shimol

“We decided we wouldn’t have the traditional reception desk, to make it feel less daunting when walking in. We then carefully selected an amazing team of stylists who all get along so well, and we feel this totally reflects the amazing buzz our salon has.

“Expanding is most definitely something that we are thinking about for the future. We were so incredibly lucky that we were the first salon of its kind to open in Walthamstow, so we are always looking into the next up and coming areas in London.”

With Treatwell as the salon’s booking app of choice, the team has also grown to meet client demand. “We have a great team of rotating stylists, many of them are session stylists, which keeps our salon fresh and up to date with new trends,” the trio explain.

“We have a total of 15 members which is such a great achievement within our first working year and a global pandemic! When we opened our doors it was just the three founding members, but that quickly changed when we realised how much demand there was.

“We love that we’ve managed to create such a friendly relaxed space that doesn’t feel like a standard salon. All our stations are on caster wheels, so we can change the layout of the salon at any time. This also means the space is multifunctional and can also be used for events or pop ups. The salon was part of an amazing event in 2019 for Waltham Forest Borough of Culture with @ourheartofglass and we have lots of exciting projects on the horizon.

“We wanted to work with the aesthetic of the building, which has lots of exposed concrete. We wanted to keep the industrial feel but also add natural elements such as plants and plywood to keep the space light and airy. Our style was very minimal but we just had to add a pop of colour with our neon shop sign.”

Sustainability is at the heart of the salon’s ethos. “It is at the heart of all decisions we make in our salon,” the trio explain. “We carefully selected and aligned ourselves with brands that share the same ethos.

“We love Davines which we use throughout our salon for all hair services. It’s an incredible brand to work with and do so much for the environment. We are also about to introduce a Davines refill station, meaning we will also be offering a small range of refillable shampoos and conditioners.

“All our beauty products from wax to nail polish are vegan, and we recycle all our beauty waste. We have teamed up with an incredible recycling partner called Handle who collects all our hair and beauty waste. It’s so amazing that even the hair swept from the salon floor is recycled and used in filters to clean oil from the ocean.  It feels so great to be part of something that can bring change to the planet.”

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