SALON IN THE SPOTLIGHT: BeYoutiful, Nagel Studio Het Gooi, The Netherlands

By Kat Hill | 03 January 2018 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Beyoutiful, Nagel Studio Het Gooi

After a busy career in media and marketing, Angela Romijn-Penney decided to take a leap of faith, follow her passion and open her own nail studio.

Having lived in the Netherlands for 15 years, Angela enjoyed family life and a busy career but sought a change in direction. Now the owner of BeYoutiful, Nagel Studio Het Gooi, Angela’s studio is serene space to ensure her clients receive the best service possible. “I have strived to create an ambiance within my studio which makes the client feel cozy and warm so they can spend their treatment feeling relaxed,” Angela explains. “I like to focus on the things that make a difference to the client; a good cup of coffee, a warm and open atmosphere. I plan my time with clients carefully so I don’t run late. I think it’s more important to spend an extra five minutes with your customer instead of rushing them out the door because the next customer is already there.

“The most rewarding thing for me is when the client leaves with a smile on their face.  I deliberately chose dark wood for all my furniture, modern chairs and rugs to create a warm and modern impression for the clients.”

Having trained in the UK, Angela’s skills have come into their own through owning a business in the Netherlands.  “It was a big step to take as most of my clients are Dutch,” Angela reveals. “Although I am fluent in Dutch, running your business can take some getting used to. It presents challenges such as learning the tax system, buying and selling of products and managing your own budget.

“I’ve found the Dutch are a more reserved culture who don’t tend to follow current trends but make their own decisions regarding colours and styles depending on how they feel. My most popular treatment are acrylic nails, gel polish services, spa manicures and pedicures.  I encourage my client to take of their hands and feet the whole year round and not just in the summer.

“Popular colours vary with the season. At the moment, greens, blues, purple and natural nails tones are very popular.

“Creating my own studio was the best decision I ever made,” beams Angela. “By keeping to a high service level and the emphasis on customer satisfaction, it keeps my amazing clients coming back.”

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