Salon in the Spotlight: Cappellas Nails & Beauty, Bognor Regis

By Kat Hill | 28 August 2019 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Cappellas Nails & Beauty

After always wanting a career in beauty, Giorgia Cappella decided to take a leap from her business career to beatification. “I always loved beauty, but never really thought I would be any good at it,” explains Giorgia. “So, I started my career in business, working full time as an assistant manager and studying for a Business Management degree with the Open University.”

Last year saw a turning point for Giorgia, and she decided it was time to pursue her passion.  “I borrowed the money to train in different treatments I wanted to offer and convinced my mum to let me transform the spare room in our house into a salon,” she smiles. “I qualified in September and began working in the salon whenever I was not at my full-time job or studying in order to pay back the money I borrowed.

“I got booked up so quickly; the demand was so overwhelming that by May this year, I had repaid the money I owed and was able to leave my full time job and become full time self-employed!

“I have now been full time since June and absolutely love it, I wouldn’t change anything about my job. I cannot thank everyone enough for supporting me.”

Working from a private, welcoming space, Giorgia’s treatment are in demand. “I offer all nail treatments, from manicures to enhancements. I also offer lash extensions and brows services.

“For nail services, I use all The Gel Bottle Inc products. The products are amazing; I love using Builder in a Bottle for enhancements. My clients’ nails are so strong and last forever! I was drawn to the brand because they are 10 chemical free, vegan and animal cruelty free which is hugely important for me and my clients. Similarly, this is why I also use Lash Base for lash treatments.

“I guess what makes my salon unique is the fact that it’s a 1-1 environment. I am so close to all of my clients, so it’s nice to be able to have a relationship with them all on a personal level as there is no one else around.”

With this in mind Giorgia has tried to make the salon feel as comfortable as possible. “I wanted to go for a clean, sleek look in the salon that was also very welcoming! I absolutely love flamingos so I incorporated my love for them in my decor with my flamingo chair and light. I also have various greenery in the salon so I guess I have gone for a tropical kind of vibe!

“I wanted my salon to be something that I never got bored of – and so far, I’m not! Keeping the wall decor simple allows me to change decorations in my salon as fashion trends change and keep it up to date so that my clients always love it too. The decor in my salon allows clients to feel more relaxed which is great. They all seem to love it!”

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