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Salon in the Spotlight: Chantelle Louise Nails-Beauty-Holistics-Training, Blackburn

By Callie Iley | 11 August 2022 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Chantelle Baldwin Salon In The Spotlight Header

Chantelle Baldwin decided to take the leap and set up her own salon space, affectionately named The Beauty Room, in an established beauty salon. 

“The Beauty Room is located in a salon in Blackburn called Libra. It was one of the first salons in Blackburn and is still open and thriving from all those decades ago!” 

“The owner of Libra is my mother-in-law, Carole Harrison,” Chantelle reveals. “She is a real inspiration, as she has ran a successful business in the beauty industry for all these years, before the days of social media and gel polish. 

I felt so honoured when she suggested I joined her establishment and brought Chantelle Louise Nails-Beauty-Holistics-Training to The Beauty Room.” 

“When I took on The Beauty Room, I was already an established beauty therapist and nail artist and had just gained my teaching qualification, so I knew this was the next step for me. I can proudly say Chantelle Louise Nails-Beauty-Holistics-Training is now a registered Beauty Guild teaching academy too.

“There is just me teaching and providing all things nails and beauty  in The Beauty Room, however Carole runs the downstairs section of the building Libra, so really we run our businesses alongside each other. This works really well, as although we offer some similar treatments, we also offer different ones too,” Chantelle explains. “For example, I don’t currently do Hopi ear candles, whereas Carole does so I can send my clients wanting this treatment to her and vice versa for lash extensions, acrylic nails, massage and facials.”

“I can’t believe how fast it’s all taken off – I have never been as busy in my life but I love it as it works around my family too.”

“I think being a teaching academy as well as a salon makes my business unique in my area,” she smiles. “I feel working in one of the first three beauty salons in Blackburn makes The Beauty Room unique.

“We get the benefits of working alongside another therapist and supporting each other, as well as the benefits of running our own separate businesses, so it works really well.”

“I offer a range of treatments, including acrylic, gel, nail art, semi permanent eyelash extensions, lash lifts, waxing, brows, spray tans, facials, and aromatherapy massage. It’s hard to say which I specialise in as I really love them all, but I do feel nail art is my stress relief – I could happily sit and do nail art all day!

“I offer St Tropez and Fake Bake for spray tans as these are my current faves and have been for years, I don’t think I would ever use another brand for tan. I use a range of brands for lash treatments. I love them all, so it varies which I use depending on the treatment and the clients individual requests,” Chantelle reveals. “For nail treatments, I use lots of products from a variety of brands such as Halo, Glitterbels, Magpie and OPI.”

“The decor choices for The Beauty Room are fresh, vibrant and floral, with a bohemian and spiritualist twist, which is perfect for the range of treatments I offer,” she shares. “As we have the busy loud chatty treatments, as well as the calm and relaxed treatments, so the theme really fits in well with everything I offer including training days. All my students and clients always comment on how much they love the decor and ambience. 

“A local florist – Sarah at The Flower Shack – often creates beautiful floral creations in salons and homes, and when I saw her work I knew it would fit perfect with what I was looking for. She is responsible for the floral aspect to the decor.”

“Another main focal point of The Beauty Room is definitely my nail desk. I remember when I first ever sat at a bespoke Glitterbels desk – I felt like royalty, and my clients felt the same!” Chantelle recalls. “That definitely inspired me to have the desk in my salon. The desk is definitely a main feature in The Beauty Room and definitely gives any room the wow factor. 

“I want everyone to feel empowered as well as relaxed and comfortable when they step into my salon, and I think I have definitely achieved that with the decor and little added touches, such as healing crystals and an essential oils diffuser, with a touch of sass with the framed quotes.” 

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