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Salon in the Spotlight: Coco’s Nail Artistry & Beauty, Kibworth, Leicestershire

By Callie Iley | 30 June 2022 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Lee Ann Moss Salon 2 Header

Lee-Ann Moss had dreams of opening her own salon, and took the plunge during lockdown.

“I opened up my first salon in Rothwell, as there was no property in my home village of Kibworth. During difficult times, I wasn’t sure how my buisness would take off, but we went from strength to strength.”

“As the months went on, it was apparent I’d need a bigger premises sooner than expected,” Lee-Ann recalls. “The hunt for property in Kibworth started just six months in.

“I wanted to be near my children and husband and to feel part of my community.”

“In March, I found the perfect place,” she beams. “After being approved, we opened in Kibworth just two days after our first birthday!

“Moving my business and expanding has had nothing but positive vibes.”

“Me and my husband did all of the decorating.

“I have worked extremely hard to invest the majority of the money back into the salon,” Lee-Ann explains. “Because of this, we did what we could in terms of decorating ourselves.”

“Whilst decorating we received nothing but kindness,” she smiles. “Our Turkish neighbours would bring us espresso daily and homemade Turkish delight.

“We also had plenty of passers-by with their dogs coming to say hi, so I knew I had to have a dog bowl outside.”

“It’s only me working at the salon for now, as I’ve not long opened, but I have given a few interviews and I’m currently putting things in place to take on a Saturday person.

“They will be helping after school or weekends,” Lee-Ann shares. “It was very important to me that the right person had an interest in our industry, so in the future an apprenticeship, could be our next step.”

“I feel like my salon is unique as with me, what you see is what you get,” she enthuses. “I do remain professional, but foremost, I’m a friend and a therapist.

“You will always leave my salon with amazing nails and brows, and a smile!”

“I accept everyone for who they are, I offer luxury drinks and I can pretty much paint anything on a nail.”

“For the moment I mainly offer all things nails, as that’s what I’m in demand for.

“I do brows alongside nails,” Lee-Ann comments. “I’d like to offer more, but it would take me away from my nail clients.”

“I specialise in nail art,” she reveals. “I’ve painted a fair few different things in my time and the harder it looks, the easier it is for me – give me a simple flower and I get heart palpitations!”

“For eyebrows, I use Sienna X. I mainly use The GelBottle for nails but you can’t have everything sticking to one brand. My e-file is Kiara Sky and my tools are Navy Pro Tools. I retail OPI ProSpa, Navy Professional and Sienna X.”

“My décor choices reflect my first salon.

“It’s also a reflection on my personality,” Lee-Ann says. “Warm, kind and quirky!”

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