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Salon in the Spotlight: Dead Gelous, Norfolk

By Callie Iley | 16 June 2022 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Lorna Annison Salon Header Pic

Lorna Annison trained in nails initially in 2010, but her career led her onto a different path, working in photographic makeup then becoming a parent.

“I began working as a lifeguard, but the hours were no longer suitable to my family life. After some thinking, I decided to go back to my roots and do something I had already trained in that I had enjoyed, which was nails.”

“Nails were something I had taken to like a duck to water, and I wanted to progress in them.

“I bought a kit and roped as many people into getting some gels by me as I could,” Lorna recalls. “Seeing them loving what I had done for them encouraged me into doing more.”

“It’s only me in my little salon,” she smiles. “I’ve trained in gels, acrylics, builder gels, nail art and e-files.

“Moving forward, I would love to do more in the art world and I fully intend to start competing. Anita Podoba is my biggest art inspiration, and to achieve that level of skill is my goal.”

“My salon is a little different to others. I originally had it pink and green, all very shabby chic.

“It was very beautiful until someone called it cute – it was a lovely compliment, but I decided that it’s not representing me or my style, so I had a décor change,” Lorna shares. “I bravely painted my walls black, bought a beautiful silver wallpaper and some emerald green velvet chairs to finish.”

“Kirsty Meakin and her skull logo have become an inspiration for me, and a reminder that nails don’t have to be all pink and girly – they can be artistic and bold.”

“I specialise in gel treatments but am also trained in acrylics,” she smiles. “I trained with Cuccio so they became my main product to use for gels. I’m old school and prefer to use a controlled levelling gel to build my extensions with, so Cuccio is still my go to company.”

“After looking and researching many brands for acrylics, I decided to use Glitterbels. I love the brand and quality and have by far found them the easiest acrylic system yet.”

“When lockdown hit, I thought there was no way I would have any clients left by the time I reopened,” Lorna reveals. “However, they all came back, and brought friends along, too!”

“My salon over the last two years has thrived, and finally, after being on my own as a single parent and working two other jobs, I am finally able to open my doors full-time and work from home making my family life that much easier.”


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