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Salon in the Spotlight: Eleven Kings, Royston

By Callie Iley | 11 April 2024 | Feature, Salon & Spas

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Explore Eleven Kings salon as Jess Dickerson discusses its pink and green colour scheme and reveals her future plans in the beauty industry…

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Jess Dickerson

Despite not enjoying doing her own nails, Jess loved the idea of styling others’ nails. In October 2021, she enrolled in training with Next Step Beauty via Open Study College. “I dropped out of my A Levels in 2016, before working at a supermarket for five years,” Jess remembers. “I knew I desperately needed a career change. I liked the idea of working for myself and I’d always wanted to work in a creative field, so I took the plunge with my first nail course, qualifying in February 2022.”

Located within her family home, Eleven Kings is based in a garage conversion with a separate entrance. “The space has lived many lives, having formally been a bedroom, office and spare room until it became my nail salon,” Jess shares. “The room played a key role in my decision to start doing nails. It allows me to work close to home without bringing clients through the house, and it’s the perfect size for a nail desk and equipment. It felt like fate!”

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Her tranquil residential setting offers a relaxing location for clients to enjoy. “I like the peace and quiet I get by working from home, and many of my clients say it’s easier to shut off than at a high street location. I think this adds to their overall comfort in the salon.

“My main goal was to create a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcome,” Jess explains. “I want clients from all walks of life to feel like they can get their nails done with me, regardless of circumstance. Clients also often share a lot of their lives with nail techs, so I think having a space they’re comfortable in helps them feel safe to confide in you. Having a one-to-one experience in the salon also supports this.

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“Working from home allowed me more freedom with my salon décor as I’m the only one working here, so I could design it exactly how I liked,” Jess continues. “I’m able to tailor the space to suit mine and my clients’ needs, as well as having full creative control.

“Green and pink has always been one of my favourite colour combinations, so I decided to lean into that with my salon design. I also love the look of plants, so I’ve added artificial plants into the space for a natural touch. Creating a jungle vibe with the plants, I finished with a tiger print rug for a pop of fun.”

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Jess offers a range of nail services on the Eleven Kings treatment menu, including manicures, pedicures, gel polish overlays and builder gel enhancements. “I love the gel polish system due to its lasting power compared to traditional nail polish, and I added builder gel to my treatment menu due to its popularity with clients wanting to transform weak or damaged nails.

“I have bitten my nails on and off for years, and I think this understanding and my transparency with clients makes my salon unique. I take my time explaining aftercare to clients and have leaflets available. I’m non-judgemental and take time to explain why picking nails can damage them and how it can impact future services, while remaining sympathetic.”

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Looking ahead, Jess is excited to diversify her treatment menu, expanding her reach into the beauty industry. “I’d love to explore eyebrow waxing, tinting and lash lifts in the future to spread my wings further.

“I’m hoping that this will stay as my career, as I definitely feel like I found my calling with nails. I was someone who never knew what they wanted, so being able to call this my job for as long as possible is my biggest goal overall.”

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