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Salon in the Spotlight: JLR Nail Design, Indiana, USA

By Callie Iley | 05 May 2022 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Jordan Ramos Feature Header

Jordan Ramos worked at a salon for eight years, but when it was closed, she was left with a decision to make about the future of her career.

“I decided it was time to open my own nail salon, which I have now owned since 2018. I have since moved to my new location which is double the size of my first salon.”

“I now have double the amount of square footage, and my clients and I love it,” she beams. “Right before I signed the lease on my new space, I actually found out that I was pregnant and later found out that it was with twins, so that was a challenge when it came to the renovations!

“Luckily, my boyfriend and I know a lovely couple whom we are friends, and they helped out so much in constructing my design ideas into a reality.”

“Where I live, there are not a lot of nail salons that offer all the fun stuff,” Jordan explains. “I love nail art and all the different things you can do with nails from chrome and holo powders, nail foils, glitters, stamping, to adding gems and crystals for a sparkling finish!

“I also feel that my clients just really love being in my salon and enjoy the entire experience where they can relax and just be totally themselves without having to worry about anything in their busy lives, even if it’s just for an hour or two.”

“I decided to use a pretty neutral white and grey for my walls and trim, since I have so many polish colours that I have displayed. I wanted to have a fresh clean look where the polish colours are the spotlight of colour. I do have accents of blush and gold throughout the salon as well.

“I also have a local nature photographer and digital artist who is a client and friend of mine, and she uses some of my wall space to display and sell her photos,” she says. “Another decor choice I made was to have my grandmas old fashioned hat pins and perfume bottles on display for myself and my clients to enjoy.”

“I love that I’m able to incorporate so many different things into my salon space that really show my personality and interests.”

“I offer basic manicures and pedicures, shellac manicures, and the Plexigel service. I also offer seasonal pedicure treatments for a more exfoliating and hydrating pedi that have the relaxing scents of the season.

“My spring pedicures consisted of a jasmine and bergamot treatment, as well as a calming Lavender treatment. My summer treatments this year will be a coconut lime, and an exotic mango scent,” she reveals. “The treatments consist of an exfoliating leg and foot scrub, a deep penetrating moisture mask that includes hot towels to allow the pores to open, and a body butter massage.”

“I mainly use OPI regular nail polish for my pedicures and basic manicures,” Jordan shares. “I use CND shellac for gel polish, and their Plexigel for a stronger more durable gel hold. My pedicure treatments are from Keyano Aromatics.

“My clients really love that it is just me and them in the salon during their services. It’s a nice intimate setting where my clients get 100% of my attention. My salon has a relaxing and inviting vibe, with a soft touch of vintage and modern vibes.”

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