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Salon in the Spotlight: K.M.Nails & Beauty, Wroughton

By Callie Iley | 20 July 2023 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Kasey Beasley K.m.nails Header

Having had dreams of entering the beauty industry for as long as she can remember, Kasey Beasley remembers watching nail art videos on YouTube and having her mum and sisters model for her practice. “I knew I had to do this as a career,” she shares.

“When I left school in 2015, I went to North Star Swindon College to gain my NVQ level 2 nail diploma and qualified as the best nail student in 2016,” Kasey recalls. “I knew I always wanted my own salon one day. That was the goal – to have my own little haven that I could call my own.

“Since I left college, I was working towards additional qualifications to make this dream possible. When the right location came up, I took the leap and went for it. I opened my salon in September of 2021. Located in a little garden centre, it’s such a good place, especially for new businesses.”

Offering a wide range of treatments including nail services, waxing treatments and lashes, Kasey notes her most popular service in the salon as L&P acrylic extensions.

“I use CJP in the salon. The support you get from the brand is like no other, its really helped in making my services the best it can be for my clients. I love the colours and pigments, but mainly CJP’s dedication to the industry, which reflects on the products you’re buying.”

With plans of expanding and having people work alongside her at K.M.Nails & Beauty in the future, currently Kasey works alone.

I love seeing salons that have a team and the support that it can give,” she reflects. “I’d definitely love to be able to provide that one day in my own salon for others, and make it a fun and educational place.”

Kasey notes the unique location of her salon, based in a garden centre, as a key feature of the salon. “It can be a pretty relaxed place, and clients have said they feel calm with me and that I help with their anxiety as it’s not an over crowded place.

“I’m always honest with my clients and try to educate them along the way. I won’t let a client have a treatment if I don’t think they need it as it won’t help them achieve their end goals. I always educate them on the benefits so they can understand what they’re getting or trying to achieve. I feel as though I have a lot of knowledge on my products and what I do to be able to explain this to clients to give them the best possible service.”

“My typical client is hard to explain as I have such a variety of characters come to visit,” Kasey beams. “They’re all chatty and friendly, and they care for me just as much as I do them.

“I definitely wouldn’t be here without their endless support. A lot of my clients love giving me free range of nail styles and art, so I guess my typical clients are pretty chilled and laid, back but every one of them is a rockstar.”

“I chose a pretty simple salon decor, but that will more than likely change again! I have so many different ideas and styles in mind, and I can never pick just the one,” she laughs. “I went with grey, white and gold, and I do also have hints of pink in there.

“I loved the clean look of the white and grey, but it seemed basic with just that alone, so I added in the pink and gold to give it that salon feel. There’s not really a theme, as I change the decor to fit the seasons. I love being able to decorate and add bits to it.”

“I love everything about having my own salon. The satisfaction of saying it’s mine, and I did this. Being able to accomplish a life goal is crazy, but I think mostly, I love coming to work in my salon knowing it’s not work for me, but instead, is my little haven of beauty.

“My favourite set up is definitely my little nail corner – that’s my happy spot,” Kasey reveals. “It’s all colour organised, and I think because nails got me in the industry to begin with, that will always have my heart.” 

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