Salon in the Spotlight: Laura’s Beauty, Stockton-on-Tees

By Kat Hill | 10 February 2021 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Laura’s Beauty Lead

Having worked in the industry in various capacities, Laura Easby recently found a permanent base for her business. “I started out on my own eight years ago above a hairdressers, before going mobile for a few months,” Laura remembers. “Carrying all my kit around wasn’t for me, so i started working from home at my mum’s house and loved it. However, this year I finally built my gorgeous cabin in the garden of my own home!”

Laura Easby

Content in her new setup, Laura was able to design every element of the salon. “I absolutely love the cabin,” she smiles. “It’s the perfect size and space for me. Personally, I’ve never wanted a big salon with staff!

“The style of the cabin is quite unique; I was able to pick everything and design it from scratch. Everything from the type and colour of the wood, to the floor and ceiling windows. The corner window is stunning!”

The cabin sees a calming interior, using neutral tones to create a welcoming space. “I selected quite earthy tones,” Laura adds. “I read that green can be calming so it made me want to use the shade even more. I love muted tones.

“The dark, reclaimed wood is softened with nudes and blush pinks. Plus, all my plants had to be in there too.

“My favourite part of the setup is my nail area. I love the shelves and working in the corner means I can see out all the windows and get a gorgeous view of the big garden!

“All my clients say it is so relaxing being in the salon – it makes my day!”

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