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Salon in the Spotlight: Lauren’s Nail Co., Broughton, Northamptonshire

By Callie Iley | 08 December 2021 | Feature, Salon & Spas

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Lauren Jackson took evening courses for a year at college, qualifying as a nail technician in 2012.

“I began my career on a mobile basis, at first offering spray tans and nail appointments, before renting a room above a hairdressers in my village,” she recalls. “I finally decided to go home based and set up a little area in my home, before moving into our spare bedroom and using it solely as my salon room offering nails.”

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“I work on my own, and don’t plan to expand my business, apart from offering more treatments in my home. I love working for myself!” Lauren enthuses. “I would love a cabin one day, but this would only happen if we buy a bigger house in the future.

“It’s lovely to be in a home environment and not in a bustling salon, and it’s super easy – and free – to park right outside, which some of my older ladies love.”

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“My salon is based within my home and has a lovely relaxed feel. As I live in a village, I love the feeling that clients can have a little walk to my home knowing it’s completely relaxed but also professional.

“It’s a chilled, comfortable environment where you can be pampered, feel at ease and have a good chat,” she smiles. “Having a small business is amazing as I can get to know all of my clients properly and become friends over time.”

“My space is somewhere you can totally be yourself whilst having some you time.”

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“My decor is mainly neutral, as I wanted to give it a calm and fresh feel,” Lauren reveals. “My salon also has some hints of pink as I love the colour and wanted to have a bit of my personality in it.”

“I make an effort to ensure that my little salon is professional but relaxed, so that my clients can feel at ease”

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