Salon in the Spotlight: Lily’s Taylormade Beauty, King’s Lynn, Norfolk

By Kat Hill | 16 May 2018 | Feature, Salon & Spas


Scarlett Senter and Lilijana Taylor make so a powerful pair. With their new set-up in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, the duo has combined their skills with the salon, Lily’s Taylormade Beauty – proving lash and nail treatments are a match made in heaven.

“The salon is brand new and was owned by my very good friend, Lilijana Taylor,” explains Scarlett. “Lilijana was working from home but was ready to spread her passion for eyelashes and her love for pampering women. I was also working from home but felt I was to expand, just like Lilijana.”

From the salon, the pair work to ensure their clients receive the ultimate results from their feel good treatments. “The salon specialises in individual and volume eyelash extentsions and microblading which is Lilijana’s area of expertise,” smiles Scarlett. “Lilijana has such passion which really makes her stand out from others. I pride myself in creating bespoke nail designs for my clients, and we will soon be offering Botox and fillers to the service menu in the near future.

“For nail treatments, I use a wide range of brands but the main gel polish brand is Gelica Gel,” explains Scarlett. “You can see my collection of bottles on entering the salon! I also use a lot of sparkling crystals from Crystal Parade.”

With this indulgent attention to detail apparent in the pair’s services, the interior radiates this ethos. “The salon is situated in a beautiful part of King’s Lynn,” explains Lilijana. “We feel the salon is unique as we offer a very calm, relaxing environment. We strive to make our clients feel spoilt with our one-to-one attention. As a result we believe this luxury ensures the experience is not an everyday salon environment.

“I wanted to create a shabby chic look in the salon, while keeping the look very fresh and open. “The statement point in the salon is the stunning chandeliers. They add that classy glamourous feel.”