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Salon in the Spotlight: Maisie Leah Nails, Birmingham

By Callie Iley | 08 September 2022 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Maisie Leah Poultney Salon In The Spotlight

Starting out doing nails in her parents’ living room before moving into her dads summer house, Maisie Leah Poultney expanded for a third time to achieve the salon set-up of her dreams. “My boyfriend and I brought a house with a separate garage, so my dad and boyfriend teamed up to convert it into my perfect salon.”

“I offer all things nails in my salon,” Maisie beams. “I use CALGEL by Izabelle Hammon for my services.

“I also offer a variety of retail items alongside my treatment menu.”

“My main goal for my salon was that my clients would feel comfortable and at home, so they can sit back and relax while they enjoy their treatment.

“I wanted the vibe to be warm, cosy and homely,” she shares. “Because of this, I opted for warm toned colours, using beige and gold shades instead of the white and grey tones a lot of other salons use.”

“I kept the décor clean, minimal and neutral toned as I wanted my salon to have a stylish and clean look.

“I love beige and I’m obsessed with how wood looks, so my pedicure station is made out of reclaimed wood,” Maisie reveals. “It’s homemade by my dad for an added personal touch. Overall, my salon is a perfect reflection of my personal taste.”

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