Salon in the Spotlight: Megan’s Other Place, Ledbury

By Kat Hill | 09 December 2020 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Megan’s Other Place Lead

Specialising in creating bold and bright hair colours, Megan Long turned her attention to the world of nail design when she opened a new, second salon location.

Megan Long

Megan’s journey into the world of hair and beauty started with Megan’s Place, a studio offering specialist hair colouring and hair treatments. In August this year, Megan expanded her business by opening Megan’s Other Place – a new beauty location offering nail and brow services.

Marketed as a ‘one-to-one getaway’, Megan’s Other Place offers treatments alongside locally sourced hair and beauty products and an entire floor dedicated to vintage clothing and accessories.

“Megan’s Other Place is across the road from the first salon,” she smiles. “Both of the studios are private, offering one-to-one appointments, as I believe in a personal experience. I want a warm space with no judgment and open to everyone.

“We offer a private salon experience in both spaces. We’re also set in beautiful black-and-white buildings in the stunning market town of Ledbury.”

Despite seeing a traditional exterior, the inside is a bright, fun environment. “I wanted both of the salon spaces to be warm and busy without being cluttered,” Megan explain. “I would say my style is warm and eclectic.

“My salon influences my decor, and not the other way around. My unique selling point, being a one-to-one warm inviting space means that I wanted that to be mirrored in my location and my decor.

“The nail station and entrance area, as soon as you walk in, is warm and inviting – and not pretentious.

“I’d also like to say  thank you to Jessica Newman, of Jessica Newman Interiors. She is a client who started her own company and kindly helped to bring my salon to life.”

“My top tip for anyone looking to redecorate is to know what your unique selling point is,” Megan concludes. “If you are confident in what you are offering, it will show in your choice of layout, decor and interior design.

“There is something spectacular about walking into a space and feeling exactly what the salon is wanted to portray.”

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