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Salon in the Spotlight: Meraki, Bulkington, Warwickshire

By Callie Iley | 08 December 2022 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Gemma Hill Meraki Salon In The Spotlight

Salon in the Spotlight: Meraki, Bulkington, Warwickshire

Gemma Hill qualified as a nail technician in 2016, engaging in extensive training with CJP Nail Systems alongside 1-2-1 sessions with other nail technicians.

She set up working in a salon, however due to the lockdown in 2020, the salon closed. This encouraged Gemma to open up her own salon in October 2020. “It’s the scariest decision I’ve had to make, as the world was so unpredictable at this time.”

“Since opening the salon, I have completed my teacher training, written courses, and offered training within the salon. The courses I offer in the salon are fully booked very quickly,” Gemma beams. “In November, I signed the lease on another unit, and I am so excited to open the Gemma Hill Beauty Academy in December 2022.

“My team has expanded, and we are now the best team of five. We have three nail technicians – myself, Paige and Niki. We have Emma, who’s our hair stylist, and Megan, our beautician.”

“At Meraki, we offer all types of nails services, including acrylic extensions, builder gel and gel polish. Our most popular treatment is acrylic nails, but this is very closely followed by builder gel.

“As a team of three nail techs, between us, we cater for everybody’s wants and needs,” she explains. “Acrylics will always have my heart. Paige is our builder gel queen, and Niki has recently qualified and enjoying exploring all nail treatments.”

“We use a variety of brands within the salon, but mostly CJP Nail Systems,” Gemma reveals. “I love trying new brands and products. We hold collections from Dreamy Gels by Tracy Lou, The Gel Bottle and Glitterbells. We also have a wide range of NAF! Stuff products and tools from Katie Barnes Tool Range.

“I wouldn’t say we have a typical client. My clients range from 16 to 89, receive a range of services, and I love them all.”

“We’ve spent two years building a salon where everyone feels welcome. We’re a safe place for everyone, and a true family.

“Our clients know that we are here for their highs and lows, they quite often arrive dressed down because they know they’ll find us in slippers and our comfies – there’s no judgement here,” she smiles. “One of our clients referred to us as ‘the best tonic’ and I think that sums us up perfectly.”

“We pride ourselves on our warm atmosphere and I believe this shows in the variety of clients we have.”

“I chose the colour blush to be my main colour in the salon, as its bright and warm. I added some floral accessories and some wall prints to add contrast.

“I think the décor draws people in, everyone who walks past looks and often pops in to enquire about services. We often have little girls outside begging their parents to let them come into the pink shop!” Gemma laughs. “My favourite part about the salon in my team – I wouldn’t be where I am without their support.”

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