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Salon in the Spotlight: Nail Angel Studley, Warwickshire

By Rebecca Hitchon | 02 May 2024 | Feature, Salon & Spas

Nail Angel Studley Salon In The Spotlight

Bringing a creative flair to her West Midlands home salon, Anni Watson shares how she’s incorporated her artistic background and love for upcycling into Nail Angel Studley

Anni Watson

“While starting a family over 20 years ago, I decided to qualify in nails. I always wanted to use my artistic talents, as I am a creative person by nature and have an art degree,” smiles Anni. “My business’ niche is nail art and my clients tend to request lots of artistic details, so I never get bored.”

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It is this artistic ability, along with her easy-going nature, that Anni believes makes Nail Angel Studley unique. “The atmosphere is laid back, with the TV (and Friends) on most of the time,” she reveals. “With my salon in what used to be a dining room at the front of my house, my dog comes to see each visitor and my family make sure to say hello to clients if they know them. Some of my long-standing clients have seen my youngest child grow from being in a nappy to being a teenager, and I consider many of them friends.”


This easy-going feel translates into the design of the home salon, which places a focus on one of Anni’s passions: upcycling. “The look of the space is organic and natural, with lots of upcycled and reused items. It reflects me and my ethos, and this makes clients feel at ease,” she shares. “The shelving was lovingly crafted by my dad and I’ve made many items, such as the overlight and pampas grass decoration. The chest of drawers and chairs are upcycled, and my nail desk was originally white but I decorated it to feature photos of my clients’ nails, which they love to look at when they visit.”


Anni offers a variety of services to her clients, who range from 16-year-olds to women in their 70s, including manicures, gel polish and builder gel services, nail extensions and nail art. The tech mostly uses CND™ products, noting that the brand helps her to present her business as high-quality.

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Having previously owned a salon with multiple employees, Anni prefers working solo from her home premises. “I am here for my three children and enjoy working on my own,” she says. “I feel fortunate that I can take my middle son to and from work, drop my youngest off at school and be here when they need me. Now that my children are older, I want to focus on growing my business further and winning awards for my work.”

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