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Salon in the Spotlight: Nail Envy Stanley, Perthshire

By Callie Iley | 27 October 2022 | Feature, Salon & Spas

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Salon in the Spotlight: Nail Envy Stanley, Perthshire

When Sarah Smith reached the age of 52, she decided to take the plunge and retrain as a nail technician, having always had a passion for nails.

She qualified in February 2022, taking on her first clients in March in the spare room of her home. “I really wanted to take my enthusiasm and love for nails to the next level – my only regret is not committing to it years go!”

“Working out of my spare room was a great starting point, but as the room was upstairs, I was only able to offer services to able bodied people which didn’t sit well with me,” Sarah recalls. “I invested every penny I made, and within two months, I managed to purchase my wheelchair friendly cabin, which is without a shadow of a doubt my happy place.

“The cabin is warm and cosy with soft lighting, candles and calming background music. It’s a place where clients can come and relax, enjoy friendly conversation, and most importantly, leave with beautiful nails. My business doesn’t employ anyone outside of myself. I like the fact that I can give a one-to-one service, and can 100% solely concentrate on just the one person at a time.”

“As a technophobe, I’ve had a few challenges along the way,” she reveals. “Before nails, I never had a Facebook account. I’d never had an Instagram either, or heard of tagging and hashtagging! But before long, I was up and running on Facebook and regularly posting.

“I’m working as a nail tech on a full time basis now, and I’m proud to say that I’m 80% fullm with regular clients returning every three weeks. The remaining 20% comes from what I call my ‘irregular regulars’, such as those coming in for special occasions like holidays and nights out.”

“The services I offer include gel polish, builder gel, full cover nail extensions and nail art. My most popular treatment for a new client is full cover tips. Usually after three weeks, my clients can see their natural nail growth underneath, so at their next appointment they opt for builder gel on their natural nails. 90% of my regular clients now have either builder gel or gel polish.

“My products are from WowBao. I love their products as they’re a professional supplier with an array of quality products,” she shares. “WowBao is affordable, they offer outstanding customer service and they have a support group on Facebook where we can all share our practices, support and tips. This has been invaluable to me, especially in the early days.”

“I can honestly say that I don’t have a typical client. My youngest client is 17 and oldest is 82. Some like plain colours, others like sparkle, many love nail art that expresses their personality or mood.

“I have developed a relationship with my clients, so now many come in and tell me to work my magic! Although this can scare me sometimes, knowing their personality makes it easier,” she notes. “It’s always an honour when they leave saying how much they love their nails.”

“It’s not just about a client going away with beautiful nails, it’s about making them feel special from the minute they arrive until the moment they leave.”

“I wanted my cabin to be unique from the moment a client approached it,” Sarah says. “Stepping stones and a water feature in the garden creates a calming, tranquil environment.

“From where I sit, I can see a client approaching. Just by simply opening the door and welcoming them with a friendly face instantly puts them at ease from the start.”

“Inside, the tranquil theme continues. I’ve opted for warm, soft lighting, candles and calming background music. I have examples of nail art displayed on the wall for anyone needing some inspiration.

“Every area of my set-up is my favourite part,” she enthuses. “I love the ambiance, furniture and decor. I feel that what makes a salon is its people. I pride myself in offering outstanding customer service, making a client feel special from the minute they walk in to the minute they leave. There’s no distractions – my phone is always on silent. I’m a great believer in a smile and friendly conversation goes a long way.”


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