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Salon in the Spotlight: Nail Licious By Stacey, Worksop

By Callie Iley | 20 April 2023 | Feature, Salon & Spas

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With the support of her family, Stacey Brown of Nail Licious By Stacey opened up her self-described ‘perfect pink paradise’ salon to offer her nail and beauty services to clients.

Having always loved getting her nails done and always having an interest in beauty, Stacey decided it was time to train during the pandemic. “I’ve always been passionate about beauty, so I looked into the best way to train in nails while still working in my current job. In early September 2021, I took the plunge and started working towards online training through various academies.

Qualifying in gel polish with Beauty and Beyond and then undertaking acrylic, e-file, nail art, nail sculpting and waxing courses with Elizabeth Sands, Stacey also furthered her beauty training with Creative Nail and Beauty, training in builder gel, eyebrow waxing, eyebrow tinting and lash lifts, with plans to continue furthering her knowledge. She also sought qualifications outside of providing services, also enrolling in the Behind the Mask training course with Hair & Beauty Professionals Against Domestic Abuse.

Starting out Nail Licious By Stacey at her living room table while alongside her other job, Stacey offered treatments to family and friends while she established her business. “My family helped transform our outhouse shed slowly into my dream pink palace, which I officially opened to clients in February 2022.

“Initially, we only converted half the space, which which was plenty big enough for just my nail table. However, after some time, as I qualified in more beauty treatments, I decided to expand more of my salon to add a room to the space,” Stacey reveals. “Nail Licious By Stacey expanded to fit a permanent beauty bed within the salon, as well as more storage space.”

“There’s just something about creating magic on 10 tiny canvases and being able to make clients feel beautiful about themselves that keeps me pushing to pursue more in this industry,” she enthuses.

“I’m hoping to eventually make the move to full time as a beautician and nail technician, which will open up opportunities to grow more clients and offer even more services. My love for all things nails and beauty shows through in my work and this is by far my best decision to peruse this dream.”

“From where I started out, at my living room table, I have already expanded quite a bit,” Stacey reflects. “In the future, I would like to expand into a bigger salon to allow me to offer even more varied treatments. I already have ideas of what other key features I’d like to add if I had a bigger space!

“I currently offer gel polish, acrylics with tips or sculpting, builder gel in a bottle, lash lifts and tints, body waxing, and brow waxing and tints. I also offer detailed free hand character art which I love creating and showcasing around my salon.”

“My most popular treatment is fast becoming builder in a bottle,” she notes. “My clients are loving their builder gel journeys, and enjoy watching their natural nails grow strong and healthy.

“I’ve had clients who are regular nail biters come to me who were shy about the length and condition of their nails but now, they beam with joy over the length of their nails and how beautiful their natural nail is. As a nail tech, this gives me so much pleasure!

In the salon, Stacey prefers products from Naio Nails for her gel and acrylic work. “I love the range of colours they have on offer and I find they last well on my clients,” Stacey explains. “I’ve also started working with WowBao builder gels. I find these insane to work with, they apply really well.

“I do a lot of research into my products and make sure I’m choosing vegan and cruelty-free as much as I can, as it’s something I’m passionate about. I use Willow Academy Tools for my prep work and Kaesso for an extra little treat for my client’s hands at the end of a treatment.”

“I work alone in my salon as a nail tech and beautician. I always wanted to make sure my salon was a private and safe sanctuary for clients, working purely 1-to-1. It was important to me to do this as I know how daunting salons can be, so I like to make sure each client feels comfortable and special, in a place where they feel relaxed and unwind.

“I feel working 1-to-1 helps me build up a fantastic client relationship, and this way, I can listen extremely well to my clients needs and outcomes for each treatment,” Stacey says.

“I don’t have a ‘typical client’ at Nail Licious By Stacey – my clients are diverse and individual, and I love this! They each want a different outcome from treatments. Some want to have an everyday, beautiful colour, where as others want crazy nail art. I’m always willing to take on every client’s needs to achieve their desired outcome.

“The uniqueness of having a private garden salon means I can create a homely feel away from home, with a comfy but professional vibe,” she describes. “Client’s treatments aren’t rushed and their experience with me makes them want to come back again and again. I offer silent appointments if a client just needs to sit back and relax with either music or a calming film in the background.”

“I pride myself on offering a completely judgment free space for my clients.”

“The décor in my salon is every bit me. I’m super girly and a massive pink lover. I knew straight away that everything in my salon had to have a hint of pink to it,” Stacey laughs. “It’s a place I feel totally happy in, which in effect makes my clients feel happy and at ease.

“I get lovely feedback from clients at how homely and relaxing it feels in the salon. I wanted to create a place of self-love where every time a client steps through my door, they feel important and pampered like royalty.”

“I offer complimentary snacks and drinks to go with the homely touches in the salon, such as my television and hot water bottle for the colder days. All my clients appreciate the extra touch,” she smiles. “My décor is exactly as I envisioned it being – I call the salon my perfect pink paradise.

“My favourite part of my salon is my flower décor wall, which I’m hoping to add even more details to. I love flowers and I feel it brings an eye-catching element to my space. I love all the small details in my salon and how it just feels so homely and authentic to me.”

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